London Zoo

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Учитель английского языкаАбрамова Т.И.ГОУ Гимназия № 426Санкт - Петербург Some animals are…Some animals are…Some animals are…dangerouswild and aggressivebig, others are small

It is long and green. It lives in rivers and eats fish and birds. It has four legs and a long tail. This animal has a lot of teeth. What is it?RIDDLES
I live in the woods. I `m very big. I have a big nose, a little tail and four legs. I like to eat fish and berries. I like to sleep in winter. Sometimes I am very aggressive. I am a… RIDDLES
I have a very nice tail. I can fly. I `m covered with colorful feathers. I can talk. I am very funny. I am a..RIDDLES
I have four legs and a tail. I have no teeth. I can swim and dive. I carry my house around with me.I am a …RIDDLES
I am very, very big. I like to eat grass. I have four legs and two big ears. My long nose is called a trunk. I live in India and in Africa. I am intelligent. What am I?RIDDLES
This animal is very unusual. It cannot walk, it cannot run, it cannot fly, it can only jump. It has a front pocket and it carries a baby. It lives in Australia. Name this animal.RIDDLES
What is London famous for…? London is famous for…
London is famous for… London is famous for… London is famous for…
London is famous for…
It is famous for its parks. Regent` s Park Kensington Gardens London Zoo 1826- The Zoological Society of London was founded 1828- it housed a collection of exotic animals.

1830- The collection of animals was greatly enlarged with the addition of the royal menagerie from Windsor and the animals from The Tower of London.
1839- the first giraffes appeared in the Zoo.
1847- The Zoo opened its doors to the public. 1849- The Zoo opened the first Reptile House. Reptile House 1850- In this year the Tsar of Russia presented two bisons to the zoo.
1853- The first public Aquarium was opened. 1880- In this year the first koala bear arrived to live outside Australia.
1881- the first Insect House was opened. More recently, the Children Zoo was opened The word “giraffe” comes from an arabic word ’zirafah’ which means “the tallest of all”. Giraffes live 20 to 30 yearsGiraffes can go for up 2 weeks without waterGiraffes only sleep for a few minutes at a time. Sitting on the ground, they bend their long necks downIt takes 14 to 15 months for a baby giraffe to grow inside its mother`s body The elephant is the largest animal that lives on land. Elephants have larger ears than any other animal and their tusks are the largest teeth. An elephant` s nose is called a trunk. A lot of things can be done with the help of a trunk. An elephant is a nice animal, strong and friendly. It leaves grass and green leaves ( about 300-400 kilos a day) and elephants can drink 150-200 liters of water. They are very playful in the water and wonderful swimmers. The elephant is the most intelligent animal next to the dog and it has a very good memory. Dolphins are very intelligent. They love to play with people. Most dolphins eat fish. Their brain is very big. They have a very good feeling to be helpful. They have a very good experience of communicating with people. They give birth to their babies which are burn with opened eyes, under the water. Dolphins can jump out of the water, play with the ball, dance and do many tricks. Tigers Why do people need Zoos?What is good about them? источникиГазета “English” № 13, 2008 годГазета “ English” № 4, 2009 год

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