тест 11класс

Level A
I Կարդալ տեքստը և պատասխանել հարցերին՝ ընտրելով ճիշտ տարբերակը:
Read the text and answer the questions choosing the right option.
1. Today the most universally known style of trousers for both men and women is jeans; these
2. trousers are worn throughout the world on a variety of occasions. Also called levis or denims, jeans have
3. an interesting history.
4. The word jeans is derived from the name of the place where a similar style of pants developed. In the
5. sixteenth century, sailors from Genoa, Italy, wore a unique type of cotton trousers. In the French
6. language, the word for the city of Genoa and for the people from that city is Genes; this name became
7. attached to the specific style of pants worn by the sailors from this city and developed into the word jeans
8. that today describes the descendents of the Genovese sailors’ cotton pants.
9. Similar to the word jeans, the word denim is also derived from a place name. In the seventeenth
10. century, French tailors began making trousers out of a specialized type of cloth that was developed in
11. the city of Nimes, France and was known as serge de Nimes. This name for the cloth underwent some
12. transformations, and it eventually developed into today’s denim, the material from which jeans are made
13. and an alternative name for these popular pants.
14. The word levis came from the name of a person rather than a place. In the nineteenth century,
15. immigrant Levi Strauss came to America and tried his hand at selling heavy canvas to miners taking part
16. in the hunt for gold in northern California. Strauss intended for this canvas to be used by miners to make
17. heavy-duty tents. This first endeavor was a failure, but Strauss later found success when he used the
18. heavy canvas to make indestructible pants for the miners. Levi then switched the fabric from brown
19. canvas to blue denim, creating a style of pants that long outlived him and today is referred to by his
20. name.
The word “unique” in line 5 is closest in meaning to
a) universal
b) ordinaryc) unusuald) common
All of the following are mentioned in the passage about Genoa EXCEPT that it
a) was the source of the word jeans
b) is in Italy
c) has a different name in the French language
d) is a landlocked city
The word denim was most probably derived from
a) two French words
b) two Italian words
c) one French word and one Italian word
d) four French words
It can be inferred from the passage that, in order to develop the pants for which he became
famous, Strauss did which of the following?
a) he studied tailoring in Nimes
b) he used an existing type of material
c) he experimented with brown denim
d) he tested the pants for destructibility
Where in the passage does the author explain how Strauss’ first attempt at creating a
business with canvas turned out?
a) lines 10-12
b) lines 14-16
c) lines 17-18
d) lines 19-20 I Տեքստում բաց են թողնված նախադասություններ:
Լրացնել տեքստը՝ տեղադրելով համապատասխան նախադասությունը:
Fit the missing sentences into the numbered gaps of the following text.
Every morning, billionaire Milton Petrie walked from his New York apartment and bought a
newspaper from the ragged old man on the street corner. 6 ____________. Petrie learned that
he was very ill in the city hospital. Immediately he paid his hospital bill and later, when the
man died, paid for his funeral.
7________________________. Whenever he read about personal disasters in his newspaper
Petrie sent generous cheques, especially to the families of policemen, of firemen injured at
work. He also sent cheques to a mother who lost five children in a fire, and a beautiful model,
whose face was cut in a knife attack.
It cost him millions of dollars, 8__________________. He said that he was lucky in business
and he wanted to help those less fortunate than himself. “The nice thing is, the harder I work,
the more money I make, and the more people I can help”.
Milton Petrie died in 1994 when he was 92. His will was 120 pages long because he left $150
million to 383 people. His widow, Carroll, his fourth and last wife, said his generosity was a
result of 9__________. His family was poor but kind-hearted. His father was a Russian
immigrant, who became a policeman, 10_________ he was too kind. He couldn’t even give a
parking ticket.
a) One morning he found him in rich clothes
b) One morning the man wasn’t there
c) One day the man was found dead there
d) The next morning the man was eager to see him
a) Milton Petrie disliked helping people especially those in need
b) The old man was the only person that Milton Petrie helped with his money
c) The old man was just one of many people that Milton Petrie helped with his money
d) There were many people whom Milton Petrie refused to help
a) but he felt useless in helping the beautiful model
b) and he gave up supporting others with money
c) and he went bankrupt
d) but he still had millions left
a) the care-free life in his childhood
b) the poverty of his early years
c) having a family with a big fortune
d) his poor relationship with his family
a) and he arrested all the criminals
b) and he did his best to send everyone to prison
c) but he was never unhappy about it VII Նշել, թե ուղղակի խոսքի փոխակերպման որ տարբերակն է ճիշտ:
Which of the options provided is the best choice for reported speech?
Granny said to Rita: “ Don’t forget to take your umbrella. It is drizzling.”
a) Granny asked Rita not to forget to take her umbrella and it was drizzling.
b) Granny reminded Rita not to take an umbrella as it was drizzling.
c) Granny reminded Rita not to forget her umbrella as it is drizzling.
d) Granny reminded Rita to take her umbrella as it was drizzling.
“ When the doorbell rang, I was talking on the phone,” said Mary.
a) Mary said she was talking on the phone when the doorbell rang.
b) Mary says she had been talking on the phone when the doorbell had rung.
c) Mary said she had been talking on the phone when the doorbell had rung.
d) Mary said she was talking on the phone when the doorbell had rung.
I asked Brian why he didn’t go back to Singapore.
a) “Why did you go back to Singapore, Brian?” I said.
b) “Why don’t you go back to Singapore, Brian?” I said.
c) “Brian, go back to Singapore, please?” I said.
d) “Brian, why do you go back to Singapore?” I said.
Bob said: “Mike, did you see the match yesterday?”
a) Bob asked Mike if he had seen the match yesterday.
b) Bob asked Mike if he had seen the match the day before.
c) Bob asked Mike had he seen the match the day before.
d) Bob asked to Mike if he saw the match yesterday.
“How long has Rachel been learning English?” asked the examiner.a) The examiner said how long Rachel had been learning English.
b) The examiner asked how long had Rachel been learning English.
c) The examiner asked how long Rachel had been learning English.
d) The examiner told how long Rachel had been learning English.
d) but he never arrested anyone

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