Europe Trivia Quiz 1

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Europe Trivia Quiz 1. In which European country are both Flemish and French spoken? a) Switzerland b) The Netherlands c) Belgium c) Belgium 2. The currency used in the United Kingdom is called a) Pound b) Shilling c) Euro a) Pound 3. With a population of 82 million, which is the largest country in the European Union by population? a) Germany b) France c) Spain a) Germany 4. Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa is located in which famous European museum? a) Rijksmuseum b) The Louvre c) Musйe d’Orsay c) Musйe d’Orsay 5. Which European country is bordered by Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, and Austria? a) Bulgaria b) Hungary c) Lithuania b) Hungary 6. What is the capital city of Romania? a) Riga b) Zagreb c) Bucharest c) Bucharest 7. Italy, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Germany and which other country were the founding members of the European Union? a) United Kingdom b) Luxembourg c) Austria b) Luxembourg

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