Контрольная работа «Страдательного залога»

Контрольная работа на закрепление «Страдательного залога»
Переделай предложения в Пассивный залог:
1  The doctor had already told him to go on a diet.
2  The author is writing a new book.
3  Will Susan decorate the bedroom tomorrow?
4  You can use the saucepan for cooking spaghetti.
5  Somebody stole my wallet yesterday.
6  Has Simon sent the invitations yet?
7  Edward has not recorded a new song.
8  You must tidy your bedroom.
9  She brought me some oranges.
10  Do they produce oil in Spain?
2. Выбери правильный вариант:
1. A prize..... to whoever solves this equation.  a) will be giving b) will be given c) gives
2.  While we were on holiday, our camera ..... from our hotel room.  a) was stolen b) has been stolen c) had been stolen3. She … always ….. in funny clothes.a) has dressed b) is dressed c) was dressed
4. When the manager arrived, the problem ......  a) had already been solved b) had already solved c) had solved5. The cathedral …. by Sir Christophen Wren after Creat Firea) built b) was built c) were being built6.  Not much about the accident ….. since that time.a) has said b) said c) has been said
7. The hotel ….. a famous designer . a) will be redecorated b) will redecorated c) will be decorate8.  I recommend you to apologize. You ..… apologize.  a) may b) should c) must  9.  I’ll ….. go now. My friends are waiting. a) must b) have to c) be able to
10.  I must ….. a very long story. a) translate b) to translate c) translated
11.  I didn’t ..… to get up early, so I didn’t.  a) must b) should c) need 12.  ..… you please be quiet? I’m trying to read. a) can b) may c) should 13. I …. help you with your French tomorrow. a) am able to b) will be able to c) can14.  Linda’s apartment looks nice and tidy because she ..... it every two years.  a) redecorates b) is redecorating c) has redecorated 15.  You may take this magazine. I ..... through it already.  a) look b) have looked c) am looking16.  I looked everywhere for my car keys and then I remembered that my son ..... the car to work.  a) was taking b) had taken c) took17.  While I ..... a robber climbed into the room through the window. a) had slept b) was sleeping c) slept18.  When Jerry enters a Medical school he ..... Chemistry for more than four years.  a) will study b) study c) studies19.  This book is so interesting. I ..... reading it by the end of the day.a) finished b) will finish c) have finished 20. The university of Michigan is one of the best universities in the United States and it ..... in Ann Arbor.  a) locate b) locates c) located

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