Урок в 5 классе по английскому языку Rules around us

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My school life5th form School and school rules
FalseTrueFalseFalseTrueFalse1.Japanese pupils don’t have to wear a uniform. 2.Students have to be at school at half past eight. 3.They don’t have to change their shoes at school. 4.Their school bags are not heavy. 5.They have to study ten school subjects. 6.At the end of the day they don’t have to clean their classroom.

How do you get to school?Go by bus, cycle to school, go by car, go to school on the underground, on foot. My school baga pena pencila rullera textbookan activity booka rubbera homework diarya sharpener Our timetable{5FD0F851-EC5A-4D38-B0AD-8093EC10F338}8.30-9.15History9.25-10.1010.30-11.1511.35-12.2012.30-13.1513.25-14.10 Art
1.You mustn’t / must run in the corridors.2.You mustn’t/must eat or drink in the classroom.3.You mustn’t /must wear jeans.4.You must/ mustn’t wear your school uniform.5.You must / mustn’t be polite and behave well all the time.6.You mustn’t / must wear makeup.7.You must/ mustn’t be in time for classes.8.You mustn’t / must speak during the lessons.9.We must/ mustn’t stand up and great our teacher at the beginning of the lesson.10.We must/ mustn’t stand up when we answer our teacher’s questions. 1.Girls in your school/ wear trousers? Example:Do girls in your school have to wear trousers? No, they haven’t2.Your friend/ change shoes in school?3.You / stand up when you answer?4.You and your classmates / clean your classroom at the end of the day?5.You /study more than ten subjects?6.You/ be at school at 8 o’clock? What do we have to do to study well?do homeworklisten to the teacher carefullyread a lotgo to bed earlyeat healthy food prepare for the lessons…

{BDBED569-4797-4DF1-A0F4-6AAB3CD982D8}Description of achievement Level reachedpoor fairgoodexcellentI can name school subjectsI can understand English speaking studentI can tell about rules in our school.I can tell about school subjects, teachers. Well done!

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