Контрольная работа 10 класс. Unit 1

Name:______________ Date: ______________ Mark: ____ / 70
Read the text. Then do Exercise 1.
Hi! I’m John and I’m 15 years old. I go to school on weekdays, so I don't have a lot of free time for activities. I spend six hours at school, and then I have English and French lessons. After that I go home and study. If I have some free time in the evening I watch TV or play a game on my computer. Apart from games, I also like to chat online with my friends. We only have one computer, so I have to share it with my sister. She likes to surf the Internet and watch music videos.
On weekends I like to spend my time outside. I play football with my friends at a pitch near my house. We have a team and we are training for the championship this year! It is hard work but it is very fun. In the evenings I usually go to the cinema with my friends or sister. If the movies are boring I go out in the evening with my friends and we play and talk. Sometimes we go to a fast food restaurant and eat. Usually, the food isn’t very good though.
I have a lot of free time during the summer when school is closed. I go to my parents’ village in Crete. I like to go to the beach and swim every day. I also water ski. I think it is fun and very exciting when the boat goes fast. Next year, I want to try other extreme sports too. Like bungee jumping! I think it is very frightening but I want to do it anyway. I don’t think my parents will let me, though.
This Christmas holiday I want to go snowboarding. I think it is very exciting and I want to try something new. Usually we stay in Athens. Hopefully, my parents will take me somewhere where there is snow like Parnassus.
1 Write true (T) or false (F). [10 points]
1 John likes to watch music videos online. ____
2 John doesn’t have a lot of free time on weekends. ____
3 John sometimes goes to the cinema with his sister. ____
4 John thinks water skiing is frightening. ____
5 John goes snowboarding every Christmas. ____
2 Complete the sentences with these words. [6 points]
reading, sky diving, go out, snowboarding, playing games, collecting things
1 I like ___________ online with my friends on my computer.
2 If you live near a mountain with snow you can go ___________ every day.
3 Jack loves ___________ like stamps and football cards.
4 I don’t like extreme sports. I prefer staying indoors and ___________.
5 I wouldn’t go ___________. I prefer sports on the ground!
6 On weekends I usually ___________ with my friends.
3 Choose the correct answer. [6 points]
1 I think rock climbing is very ____.
a frightened b frightening
2 The movie she was watching was ____.
a amused b amusing
3 The teacher is always ____ when students get good grades.
a thrilled b thrilling
4 Some people think that reading is ____ but, I love it!
a bored b boring
5 The new song by Pink is ____!
a amazed b amazing
6 My brother isn’t ____ with computer games. He likes extreme sports.
a satisfied b satisfying
4 Choose the correct answer. [6 points]
1 Rock climbing is an example of a(n) extreme / special sport.
2 “What’s the score / total?” “It’s Lakers 76 and Bulls 68”
3 Michael went to play baseball but he forgot his net / bat.
4 My cousin Maria makes a lot of money as a(n) amateur / professional athlete.
5 In volleyball you must kick / hit the ball over the net.
6 Our school has a new basketball pitch / court.
5 Complete the sentences with these words. [6 points]
train, medal, contact, communicate, professional, championship
1 Chatting online is a good way to stay in ___________ and ___________ with friends who live far away.
2 ___________ athletes ___________ very hard every day.3 Usain Bolt won the gold ___________ in the 100 meter race.
4 Last year our team won the ___________. This year it will be more difficult.
6 Choose the correct answer. [6 points]
Marie: Hi, Anthony. What 1) do you do / are you doing here?
Anthony: I 2) help / am helping Bill get ready for Monica’s birthday party.
Marie: So am I! Right now I 3) make / am making biscuits.
Anthony: They 4) look / are looking great!
Marie: Thank you. I 5) see / am seeing people coming. They’re our friends!
Anthony: Can I help you?
Marie: Yes, please. I 6) need / am needing soft drinks. Can you bring some?
Anthony: No problem!
7 Complete the sentences with the present simple or present continuous form of the verb in brackets. [5 points]
1 I ___________ (enjoy) reading a book before I go to bed.
2 Janet ___________ (study) for her test on Friday.
3 I ___________ (play) cricket every Saturday.
4 Paul can’t come to the park right now, he ___________ (eat)
5 Michael ___________ (train) from 5.00 to 7.00 every Wednesday and Friday with his volleyball team.
8 Complete the diagram with the words from the box. [5 points]
alwaysoccasionallysometimeshardly everoftenusually1. ___________ 2. ___________ 3. ___________ 4. ___________ 5. ___________ 6. ___________ never100%--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------0%
9 Read the following announcement from your neighborhood volleyball team. Then write your profile. Use the ideas given to help you. Write 100-140 words. [20 points]
The Tigers volleyball team is accepting new members to the team. If you are interested in making friends, exercising and being a part of a team, please send us a profile about yourself!

Be sure to include:
details about yourself (name, age, where you live)
what you like about volleyball and sports
how someone can contact you

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