Упражнения по английскому языку. CAUSITIVE FORM TO HAVE SOMETHING DONE

1. Rewrite the following passages in the active or passive,
A Rosemary Hills train station was built by Sean Carlton and his wife Sharon in 1894. For the construction of the waiting room, the Carltons had imported red brick from England. The President himself opened the station in 1896. That year, a steam locomotive visited Rosemary Hills for the first time. It was pumping clouds of white smoke and whistling loudly enough to be heard by all the townspeople.
B The news reporter announced that the police are looking for a man who broke into the National Bank. The thief cut the wires of the alarm and then broke into the bank's city centre branch some time late last night. The thief stole £500,000 from the bank. The police are searching the city centre as they believe the thief is still in the area.
2. Rewrite these sentences using have + object + past participle (have something done) and changing some words if necessary.
Example: Someone delivers the newspapers. (We)
We have the newspapers delivered.
Someone cleaned the carpets every year. (I)
I had the carpets cleaned every year.
Their house needs painting. (They're going to)
They're going to have their house painted.
1. We ask someone to check the accounts every month. (We)
2. Someone sends the money to my bank account in London. (I)
3. My stereo isn't working properly. It needs cleaning. (I'm going to)
4. My camera's being repaired at the moment. (I'm)
5. He spilt coffee on my jacket so he took it away for cleaning. (He spilt coffee on my jacket so he)
6. I think it's time to service the car. (It's time to)
7. I don't like the office curtains. It's time to change them. (I think I'll)
8. There's something wrong with the typewriter. It needs repairing. (I think I'll)
9. The computer's no good: we're changing it. (We)
10. I send the films to England: they are processed there. (I)
3. Rewrite the sentences using have something done.
Example: The money was deposited in his bank account by the company.
He had the money deposited in his bank account.
1. Sarah's new fridge will be delivered tomorrow.
2. Tim's car was serviced last week.
3. Mrs Scott's cat was examined by the vet yesterday.
4. Paul's house will be painted next weekend.
5. Mr Brown's book has just been published.
6. Becky's hair is done every week.
7. Edward's dinner was cooked by his mother yesterday.
8. Jane's living room is going to be redecorated next month.
9. My eyes are tested by the optician.
10. Somebody stole my car last weekend.
4. Rewrite the sentences using have something done.
Example: My windows are cleaned twice a month.
I have my windows cleaned twice a month.
1. The star's latest film has just been released.
2. Their swimming pool will be drained.
3. The carpets must be laid in our flat by Monday.
4. The brakes on my bicycle have been oiled.
5. Our desks are being painted at the moment.
6. Her bookcase was delivered last week.
7. A new computer has been ordered for me.
8. Annie's sculptures are going to be exhibited tomorrow.
9. A skateboard was being made for Tim.
10. He told the student to clean the board.

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