Презентация о Чарли Чаплине

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Charlie Chaplin Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin, is better known to us as Charlie Chaplin, was born in April 1889. At the age of 9, Charlie Chaplin was accepted into the dance group "Eight Lancashire boys". It was here that he first made the audience laugh, depicting a cat on a Christmas pantomime in 1900. In 1908, 19-year-old Charlie Chaplin was admitted to the theater of Fred Carnot, where pantomimes and sketches for English music halls were being prepared. Very soon the young man became the key actor of most performances Once, Chaplin's performance was seen by Mack Sennet. The American film producer liked the game so much that he invited the artist to work in his studio. In September 1913 Charlie Chaplin signed a contract with Keystone. The studio promised to pay him 150 dollars a week. Once Sennet asked Charlie Chaplin to somehow rediscover for a comedy picture "Children's car racing." Then the artist had invented his new image, which is now familiar to all of us. This is a wide trousers, too narrow jacket (business card), a small bowler, huge shoes, not on that leg, and antennae.How the Little Tramp was born The debut of Charlie Chaplin in the sound cinema took place in the 1940s. It was the anti-Hitler film "The Great Dictator". In addition, it was the last tape in which Chaplin appeared in the form of the Little Rogue Charlie Chaplin died on December 25, 1977. He died in a dream. Sources https://24smi.org/celebrity/1291-charli-chaplin.html

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