Презентация по английскому языку на тему Russian winter festivals

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Russian winter festivals` guide Made by Titeeva Ilona Lyceum №4 Form 8B There are some winter festivals in Russia: New Year ,Christmas and Maslenitsa. There are a lot of activities connected with the festivals. For example ,at midnight on the 31 of December people have exiting fireworks and have fun near the New Year tree. Russian people also watch TV concerts and listen to the President`s speech. Christmas is a family holiday in Russia. People gather together and have a testy dinner with traditional Russian food:a duck with apples , potato, mushrooms, cakes and others Maslenitsa is a funny holiday in the end of winter. People crowd together in order to «say goodbye» to winter and «meet» spring with songs and merry activities At Maslenitsa pancakes are cooked in very large quantities. There are given to friends and family all through the week. In the evening people burn a straw doll and drink tea with pancakes. Thank you for your attention

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