Упражнения по английскому языку на отработку — ed or — ing adjectives

Choose the correct - ed or - ing adjectives in the following text.
School report shocks parents
Teachers are finding it increasingly difficult to control classes of young pupils, says a report published yesterday. The evidence from the 100 schools which were involved in the study is not (1) encouraged/encouraging. The report paints a (2) depressing/ depressed picture of schools up and down the country, with teachers feeling (3) disappointed/ disappointing not only by students' results in tests but by the (4) worrying/ worried increase in violent behaviour in class and in the playground. "I am worn out at the end of the day; my job is (5) exhausted/exhausting, I can tell you", complained one teacher. One of the most (6) disturbed/disturbing revelations is the use of drugs by youngsters. Although teachers were not totally (7) surprised/surprising by the findings, parents are (8) worried/worrying; some even described the report as (9) shocked/shocking and demanded immediate action. Pupils who were asked to comment on the report said they found school (10) uninterested/uninteresting; they blamed teachers for teaching (11) boring/ bored lessons. The report is particularly (12) embarrassed/embarrassing for the Minister of Education who claimed recently that British education is "the best in the world»
2. Answer the following questions using. - ed or - ing adjectives. Write about your own ideas.
1. What do you think about the destruction of the rain forests?
2. How would you feel if you climbed Mount Everest?
3. If you failed the exam, how would you feel?
4. What do you think of people who drop litter?
5. What do your parents think of your parents?
6. If you were flying to New York tomorrow, how would you feel?
7. Whenever you see a beggar, how do you feel?
8. What do you think of sport on television?
9. When the bus or train is late, how do you feel?
10 How would you feel if someone found you cheating?
3. Key Word Transformation
1. You will be late for school unless you leave now.
if You will be late for school now.
2. If you touch the iron, you will burn your fingers.
else Don't touch the iron. burn your fingers.
3. I don't think it's a good idea to buy that jacket.
were. If I wouldn't buy that j acket.4. I want to have a party, but my flat isn't big enough.
wish I big enough for me to have a party.
5. You shouldn't go out tonight: you have to go to school tomorrow.
better You out tonight: you have to go to school tomorrow.
6. John would prefer to eat pizza rather than chips.
rather. John pizza than chips.7. Jane regrets spending all that money on new clothes.
wishes. Jane all that money on new clothes.8. It's a pity I didn't make it to your wedding.
wish. I it to your wedding.9. Colin wishes he hadn't missed the bus; now he is late for work.
missed. If Colin the bus, he wouldn't be late for work.

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