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Space exploration Find the same words in Russian:Space исследовать, изучатьExploration космосTo explore исследованиеA researcher космический корабльLaunch спутникSpaceship астронавтSatellite исследовательAstronaut запускать

Answer the questions: (p.20 Ex.64) -Who was the first cosmonaut? -Who was the first person to invent the idea of space rockets? -Who constructed the first spaceship? -Who was the first man to take a walk in space? -Who was the first man on the Moon? -Who was the first woman in space? Fill in the gaps with the following words: launched, planets, spaceship, cosmonaut, satellite, explored, research. The____ flew at the speed of 300 miles a minute.Yuri Gagarin was the first___ in the world.The government spends money on scientific____.I saw ____ and began to move towards it.They’ve ____ their own solar system.The Earth is the fifth largest of the nine main ___ in the solar system.The satellite was ____ into space three days ago.(Keys: spaceship, cosmonaut, research, satellite, explored, planets, launched)
Complete the following sentences. Ann: And we s… billions of dollars on s… research. This money should be used for medical r… .Keys: spend, space, research
Complete the following sentences. Felix: By e… space we may find another p… that we can l… on. We must learn to t… not only about this g… but about f… generations as well.Keys: exploration, planet, live, think, generation, future
Complete the following sentences. Linda: Would we a… to ruin other p… for our needs? Of course, we w… . People will think that there is another planet for us in s… . Keys : agree, planet, would, space
Why does the country spend much money on space research?Why does Felix think that the situation is serious?Linda thinks that people don’t take care of nature, doesn’t she?Is it easy to ruin our planet and to find another planet for people in space? ReadingTranslate some word-combinations: a) первый полет б) пролетая над землей в) вид горизонта г) вышел в космос д) сила притяжения Match the two parts of the statements. 1. The spaceship flew at the speed of 2. I saw for the first time with my own eyes 3. When weightlessness developed 4. I felt excellent as a) I entered space. b) 300 miles a minute. c) the Earth’s spherical shape. d) everything was easier to do. . Choose the right answer{5C22544A-7EE6-4342-B048-85BDC9FD1C3A}1)True 2)False 3) Not stated A. The first cosmonaut in the world was Nil Armstrong.B. They want to travel, to see the world from outside the Earth.C. I must say that the view of the horizon is very beautiful.D. In space the Sun doesn’t shine more brightly than on the Earth.E. I saw the Moon. Home task:p.20 Ex.65Learn by heart the words and make up 15 sentences with them Today at the lesson we’ve:We have learned about…We have done…We have read…We have written…

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