Presentation Holidays and travel

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Understand the topic words and know themRead and find information in detailsMatch, fill in the gaps, odd out the words City break camping holidaytheme park beach holiday Making plans to go on holiday.Read this text about Sabrina.Sabrina and her friends want to go on holiday together. They have looked at some brochures, but aren’t sure what kind of holiday they want to go on. Sabrina likes city breaks and theme parks the best, but she doesn’t like camping. All her friends like beach holidays but her friend Ahmet doesn’t like city breaks. Her friend Ali likes city breaks the best, but he also likes camping and theme parks too. Multiple choise quiz.A BAAAa vocabulary quiz.Choose the word that you think doesn’t belong with the others.a. A plane b. a rucksack c. sleeping bag d. tent 2. A. a passport b. luggage c. suitcase d. Motorbike A. phone B. a taxi C. a plane D. a train 4. A. a bag b. a suitcase c. camera d. Rucksack 5.A. swimsuit b. a beach c. A coach d. sea 6. A. a plane b. A boat c.A deck chair d. a train Holidays

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