Суммативное оценивание раздела HOBBIES and LEASURE по английскому языку для учащихся 7 класса

Summative assessment for the unit “Hobbies and leasure” Variant 1
Listening (6 points)
Task1. Listen to two people talking about their free time. Are the sentences True or False? You will listen to the recording twice. CD2. Tapescript 1.Example: Jack likes rock music. True
Jack does not love watching sport.

Jack loves horror films.

Jack sees his sister every week.

Jenny likes Chinese food and Jack loves Mexican food.
Jenny loves soap operas.
Jenny likes flying.
Writing (19 points)
Task 2 (4 points). Write sentences about your hobby. You should write full sentences. Use some connectors and linking words but, and, because, when, while, etc. Include the following information:
716280104540271628012206627162801571182Example: I like skiing because it is a healthy activity.
1.What your hobby is?
2.When and who you usually do it with?
3.Why you like doing it?
4.Is your hobby popular among teenagers?

Task 3 (12 points). Write names for:
Active hobbies (3) _______________________________________________________
Domestic hobbies (3) _____________________________________________________
Creative hobbies (3) ____________________________________________________
Unusual hobbies (3) ______________________________________________________
Task 4 (3 points). Complete the sentences
You (to meet) my brother Tom, if you (to go) to town on Monday.
If you (to wait) a few moments, the waiter (to bring) your coffee.
You (to pass) Maths, if you (to work) very well.
Total - 25 points

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