Презентация к уроку на тему: Две столицы 6 класс (Учебник Rainbow English, автор О.В. Афанасьева, И.В. Михеева, К.М. Баранова).

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Тема урока: “Two capitals”(Две столицы)к учебникуRainbow English 6 Подготовила учитель английского языка ГБОУ Школы №688 Шихкеримова Н.П. Welcome to St. Petersburg! Nevsky ProspektNevsky Prospekt is the most famous street in St. Petersburg - and probably in all of Russia, where every building is an architectural masterpiece and every step is rich in the history of the city. Anichkov BridgeAnichkov Bridge is one of the interesting sights on Nevsky prospekt. It has the famous sculptures - the Horse Tamers - that crown its four corners. The Winter PalaceThe most beautiful building in the Palace Square is the Winter Palace. This majestic building takes up 9 hectares of land and contains approximately fifteen hundred rooms. Summer Garden The oldest park in St. Petersburg, the Summer Garden was laid out in 1704 by order of Peter the Great around his first summer residence. Peter also drew up the original plan for the garden, which is home to Russia's oldest collection of park sculptures. State Russian MuseumThe Russian Museum displays its vast collections in some of St. Petersburg's most beautiful buildings. Welcome to Moscow!Moscow is the capital of the Russian Federation. Red SquareRed Square is the most popular place of interest in Moscow. It is the central square of Russian capital. Red Square is used for military parades and serves as a venue for concerts of famous performers. KremlinMoscow Kremlin is situated at the heart of Moscow and serves as the official residence of President. Bolshoy TheatreThe oldest theatre of opera and ballet in our country is the Bolshoy Theatre. The best ballet performances and Russian and foreign operas are performed in this theatre.

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