Тест по страноведению Знаете ли Вы Великобританию

Тест по страноведению
Знаете ли вы Великобританию
1. The climate of Britain is _________________
Dry and hot
Mild and damp
Cold and wet
2. The UK is separated from Ireland by _________________
the Irish Sea
the English Channel
the North Sea
3. On the British Isles there are _________________ states.
4. Britain’s second largest city is _________________
5. Scafell Pike ( 3.210 feet) is the highest point in _________________ .
6. The Romans first came to Britain in _________________
55 AD
43 AD
66 AD
7. The Romans ruled in Britain for _________________
367 years
467 years
567 years
8. The first real parliament was brought together by _________________ in 1275.
King John
Henry III
Edward I
9. In non- metric system of weights and measures 0,58 litres are equal to _________________ .
One inch
One ounce
One pint
10. The British are _________________ about anything which is a sign of Britishness.
very innovative
stubbornly conservative
11. One of the most popular hobbies in Britain is _________________ .playing soccer
collecting stamps
12. The name of London probably derives from _________________ .the Celtic Llyn and Dun
the Latin Londiniumthe Anglo – Saxon Loandan
13. The Great Fire of London started _________________
September 2, 1466
September 2, 1566
September 2, 1666
14. The Tower of London is guarded by the Yeomen Warders , popularly called _________________
PorkeatersHameaters15. Harrods in Knightsbridge is _________________ in London .the most expensive department store
the most expensive hotel
the most expensive restaurant
16. The patron saint of England is _________________ .St. Patrick
St. George
St. David
17. In the fifth century the territory of England was settled by _________________
the Angles
the Normans
the Celts
18. The flower symbolizing England is _________________ .thistle
18. Identifying symbols of Wales are _________________ .rose , St.George s Cross and the white colourthistle , St.Andrew s Cross and the blue colourdaffodil , the dagon of Cadwallader and the red colour19. In Wales _________________ more popular than football.
20. Scotland s two major cities are _________________ .Edinburgh and Belfast
Glasgow and Manchester
Glasgow and Edinburgh
21. People consider _________________ to be a distinctly Scottish musical instrument.
the harp
the violin
the bagpipes
22. Eire is _________________ .another name of the Republic of Ireland
a city in Ireland
a typical Irish surname

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