Контрольная работа к учебнику Афанасьевой 8 класс (Revision test Unit 1)

8th Form Lexical Test
Choose a reply to each sentence
No, there are two!
I’m feeling a bit under the weather.
Sorry, but there is no chalk left.
Shall we write that down?
Is it my turn?
What page are we on?
Is there one “r” in the word “worry”? - __________________________________________
______________ - Are you OK? We have already stopped reading.
________________ - It is absolutely necessary. I am sure you will need it for your homework.
Could you write this word on the blackboard, please? - ____________.
What’s the matter with you? - ___________ .
_____________ - No, it’s Ann’s.
Match the phrasal verbs with the definitions.
To break away
To break down
To break into
To break out
To hand over
To hand out
To hand in
To hand down To stop working
To start suddenly(about something unpleasant or bad)
To give something to someone else to take care of or to control
To get free and move away
To give something to a person in authority
To give or leave something to people who are younger than you or live after you
To enter a building by using force
To give something to each member of a group
Match the questions with the answers
Why do you warn me against her?
What’s that droning noise?
Why are you taking this medicine?
Do you often visit your grandparents?
Have you already solved the problem?
What is going on in your class?
What’s wrong with her voice?
Who made you tell such a terrible thing about him? The bees!
No, rarely, if ever.
No, it happened to be too complicated.
I think she is a wicked witch.
You don’t know me. Nobody can force me to do anything.
They say it relives headache.
Nothing, she has always had a squeaky one.
Oh, they are just messing around!
Choose the right item to complete the sentences.
Who _____ this naughty boy to our school?
enrolled b. relieved c. wrote
About two hundred pupils live and study in this
day school b. boarding school c. gym
Is your snake ________?
droning b) hissing c. buzzing
Our school building has a big and light __________ .
nursery b. outing c) canteen
Pupils can play and talk during ______ .an exam b. a break c. a term
My brother has just _____ this long poem by heart.
studied b. learnt c. read
How did you _____ it out? – My mother told me everything.
know b. find c. learn
The Moon _______ behind the clouds.
vanishes b. appeared c. disappeared
What a ________ room! You should tidy it up immediately!
terrific b. smart c. messy
This is _______ advice. If I were you, I wouldn’t take it.
rotten b. solid c. smart

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