Контрольная работа за 1 четверть для 7го класса по учебнику Spotlight

The 7th form Control work #2
1.Fill in the gaps with the words
Hanging /stand /bustle /at hand /crowded /crazy /chatting /overcome / protect
1.I can’t _____ constant noise and pollution.
2.She misses the hustle and ______ of a busy city.
3.You don’t have shops, cinemas and theatres close _______ in small villages.
4.I don’t mind _____ streets.
5.If you want to win you must ______ all obstacles.
6.He is ______ about football. He plays it every day.
7.We spend holidays _______ with friends.
8.You should ______ your house from burglars.
9.In my free time, I like ______ out at the shopping centre.
2.Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Simple, Present Continuous or the Past Simple
1.She (lose) always her keys.
2.Look! The baby (walk).
3.He (go) usually at school on foot.
4.You (live) in Moscow last year?
5.Ann (do) her homework now?
6.He (not call) me yesterday.
7.I (hear) you very well now.
8.You (solve) that problem last lesson.
3.Choose the correct word.
1.He did the gardening until/as soon as it rained.
2.I like chatting with my friends when/after I have time.
3.I felt isolated as soon as/while I got back to farm yard.
4.He created a suspense story after/while he visited a museum.
4. Fill in the prepositions.
into after out of for from to
1.The police ran … a robber.
2.This scientist is famous … his discovery.
3.You should choose the right answer … the text.
4.Does this book belong … you?
5.I ran … my teacher on my way home.
6.We are running … milk.
5. Match the sentences with their responses.
1.How about playing chess? a. Single or return?
2. I need one ticket to London. b. Don’t worry.
3. How much is it? c. I’d love to.
4. You look upset. d. It’s 3 pounds.
6. Read the text and choose the correct words.
When I was seven years old, my family left the big city and moved to the countryside. I was very excited because our new house was near a beautiful forest.
One day, I decided to go for a walk in the forest but I lost my way. I tried to get back but I just went deeper into the forest. I looked around me and started calling for help, but no one heard me. I was confused and scared because it was almost dark, so I sat under a tree and began to cry.
Suddenly I heard someone coming. It was a boy my age. “Hi,” he said. “I’m Philip. What’s the matter?” I told Philip that I was lost. “Don’t worry,” Philip said. “I live near here. I know the forest well.” We walked and talked until we were out of the forest. Philip said goodbye and left before I could thank him.
When I got home my mum was talking to a policeman. They were both very upset. “Oh, Tom, thank goodness you’re OK!” my mum said when she saw me. “I lost my way in the forest, Mum, but I’m fine now. I’m so sorry.” I said. “You were lucky, young man,” the policeman said. “Never play alone in that forest, it’s too dangerous. Eight years ago, a young boy named Philip MacMann lost his way in that same forest and never came back.”
I did not say a word. I wanted to tell them about the boy who helped me but I was afraid they wouldn’t believe me. Did a ghost help me? I couldn’t sleep that night, or the next. I never saw Philip again and I never went back to the forest!
When Tom was seven years old he moved house/to the big city.
Tom tried to find his way back/to help a lost boy.
Tom felt sad/relaxed and began to cry.
Several years ago, Philip was lost/could come back.
Tom thought a policeman wouldn’t allow him to play in the forest/believe him.

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