Презентация по английскому языку на тему English in my future life ana profession

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TV GUIDEEnglish in my future life and profession Knowledge of modern languages plays an important role in the intellectual and human enrichment of different specialists. I dream to enter the Amur State University at the faculty of journalism. I am going to be a journalist and I do my best to make my dream come true. Politicians care of the light future,About the light past - historians,About the light present - journalists.                                                                                           Jarko Petan personalqualities Good practical skills of a journalistTalkative Literacy, erudition, style Life experienceThe Professional etiquette Figurative thinking Good memory and talentKnowledge of foreign language Advantages of being a journalist- Active life- Meetings and speaking to many famous, talented and interesting people- Possibility to travel, to learn about customs and -----traditions of other people -You will become a highly paid professional -You will become a highly paid professional and a master one of the most interesting professions-You can learn English perfectly Journalists need English for translations of interesting articles English language publishers, for translation quotes of important people that have value to their reports. If a journalist knows English he’ll be able to get information in original Advertismenton TV At the same time most of population is interested in other people’s life. That’s why journalists think of numerous questions for interviews with celebrities and famous people. Having an inquisitive mind I’d be happy to hold an interview with outstanding persons English for job English is important for me not only in this moment, but also in the future. I'm sure I‘ll need language to find a very good job! I think that in the future the importance of English language in the world will increase. English for future life The End

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