Тест по английскому языку для 8 класса

Test Form 8 Unit 3 1. С помощью каких префиксов образованны эти слова?Перевести их на русский язык.Irregular, unusual, impossible, unfair, uncomfortable, disappear, indirect.
2. Откройте скобки. Употребите Present Perfect Progressive или Present Perfect. 1. Kate (look for) her book for ten days.2. My friend (work) on the project for two years.3. You (know) your friend since you were five years old.4. Have you (sleep) a lot?5. I (travel) a lot since you last saw me.6. I (not see) your dog lately.7. I (remember) that song since I was ten.
3. Подчеркните правильный союз.1. That’s the film who/that I’ve just seen.2. The pens which/who are red are on the table.3. I know the man who/which helped me.4. The boy that/who showed him the way was very polite.
4.Fill in the gaps with the positive or negative forms of can or to be able to in the correct form.
 In very early times, all the people on the Earth    ________ speak the same language. They lived together  and _________  understand each other. People at that time were strong and ambitious. One day they had an idea. “If we all get together, we________ build a great city. We will call it the city of Babel and the tower of this city will go up to the sky. If we ________ do it, everybody will be happy.”When the men started the tower, God was watching them. “They __________ work really fast,” he thought. Everything was going well and people forgot about God. They thought that they _________ build the tower without him. God got very angry with the people.  He decided to punish them. He gave them different languages so that  (так чтобы) they __________ understand each other. After that people _____________ finish the tower. They ________ live together and went to different places of the world. Nowadays  people ______________ speak many languages, but most of them ___________ speak English. May be, one day English will become the language of the Earth and people ___________ communicate easily again.
5.Fill in the gaps. Use the, a or no article.
__ _computers  can help you do a lot of things.
___ television will be more popular in the 21st century.
___ Chinese invented ___ paper.
___ water is very good for you. You must drink two liters of water every day.
___English don’t speak any other  foreign languages.
___dogs are people’s best friends.
6.Complete the dialogues. Use the expressions with have.
-________________________ .
                     -Take some aspirin.
-I am tired.
– I am hungry.
- I am thirsty.
- I am flying to London on holiday.
- I am dirty.
1.Mike ....... run very fast.
maycanmust2.I ... sing, but I ....... dance.
can, cannotmust, cannotmust not, must3........ I take Pete's bag? 
canmaymust4.You ...... work hard at your English.
mustcanmay5.He ... not speak English yet.
Mustcanmay6....... children play with scissors?
maycanmust7.I __________ understand her because I don’t speak Italian.
can'tmust'tneed not8.Stop watching TV. You_______ do your homework.
canmustmay9.You _______play on the road.
must notcannotmay not10.I __________ understand her because I don’t speak Italian.
11.You ___________ copy the homework of your classmates
must not
are able to
12. ________ we go for a walk in the evening?
13.She tried to get out of the house, but ___________. The doors were locked.
was to
14.Yesterday he _____________ do all the housework.
had to

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