Контрольная работа для 4 класса по модулю 3. Spotlight 4. Module test 3.

Look and choose.

Choose the correct word.
How much/how many sugar do you need for the cake.There aren`t much/many beans in the tin.
Are there much/many mangoes left?
I have got a lot of/many butter in the fridge.
How much/many biscuits do you want?
Read and match.
May I speak to you for a moment, please?
May I have your pen?
May I ask me friend to come to the party?
May I wash my hands, please?
May I taste the lemon pie, please?
May I watch the late-night film, please?
May I sit down, please?
Not yet. It`s still very hot.
Yes, of course.
Not right now, I`m very busy.
Of course you may, what`s his name?
No, I`m sorry, I need it.
Sure, the bathroom is upstairs.
No, you may not. You have school tomorrow.
Look, read and write Yes or No.

There is a lot of bread. ______
There are a lot of tomatoes. _____
There is a lot of butter. ______
There is a lot of olive oil. _____
There is a lot of cheese. ______

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