Лексико — грамматический тест , учебник Forward, 7 класс, 3 четверть, разделы 9 -12

Forward / Test yourself 3 / Class 7 / Units 9 – 12
Task 1 Complete the text with the words: public, full of ideas, ambitious, lack of, inventors, do, owner, early, genius, inventions
Thomas Alva Edison was one of the greatest American 1___. He was born in 1847 in Ohio. He went to school at the age of eight and a half but his studies lasted for only three months in a 2__ school. Then his mother taught him at home. In spite of this from 3__ childhood he showed curiosity and was 4___. He began to 5__ experiments at the age of ten. During his life Edison had to overcome lots of difficulties because of the 6__ money and help. When he was twelve he began to sell newspapers to help the family. Then he worked in a telegraph company. Many years had passed before he became the 7__ of his own workshops. Edison was 8___ and patient. In 1877 he made a ”phonograph” – the first sound recorder. Thanks to his 9___ he made more than a thousand inventions. Among them were phonograph, microphone, telegraph, telephone, cinema equipment, light bulb and others. He died at the age of eighty - four. People remember Edison because all his 10__ are used all over the world till nowadays.
Task 2 Read the text once again, then match facts 1- 8 with a – h :Number of Edison’s inventions 5. Duration of his school studies
The year of his death 6. He invented phonograph at the age of…
Edison started to earn money at… 7. The date of Edison’s birth
He started experimenting at… 8. Edison started school at …
8.5 b) 30 c) 3 months d) 12 e) 10 f) 1931 g) 1000 h) 1847

Task 3 Complete the sentences with the necessary form and translate them into Russian:
Tomorrow I ‘m going / will go to my friend’s birthday. She invited me.
I think Mary and Jim are going /will marry in 2 months.
People are going to live /will live on the Moon in 50 years time.
Great news! Our cousin will visit / is visiting us on Sunday.
If I earn enough money, I am going to buy / will buy a new camera.
I don’t think the weather is going to / will be warm on Sunday.

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