Контрольная работа.5 класс.Настоящее и настоящее длительное время

Контрольная работа для 5 класса.
Настоящее и настоящее длительное время
1.Выберите правильную форму глагола:
1. We live/lives in Victoria Road. 2. My parents go/goes to work. 3. My father work/works in a bank. 4. He travel/travels to London by train every day. 5. My mother work/works in a shop. 6. In the evening they usually watch/watches TV. 7. Every night they go/goes to the club. 8. My father drives/drive a Ford Escort.
2.Поставьте глагол в правильную форму  Present Simple:
1. We (like) big dogs.   2. Our children (read) a lot.  3. Rex (live) in a doghouse.  4. Barbie (be) very clever. She (speak) Chinese.   5. You (drive) very fast.   6. Those boys (play) football in our yard every Monday.  7. My little bird ( sing) songs.  8. He (have) a lot of mistakes in the text.   9. Mr. Dale (give) his son some money. 10. We (go) to bed at 10 o’clock.
3. Сделайте предложения отрицательными
1. Kate reads. 2. My granny has 5 grandchildren.  3. My parents go to the cinema every weekend.  4. Ann sleeps.
4.Добавьте окончание -ing к следующим глаголам:
Work, swim, come, play, lie, tell, get, take, cut, drink, make, hit, sleep, try, look, walk, serve, eat, die, sit, cry, ski, travel, smile, begin, prepare, stop, listen, shave.
5. Составьте предложения в the Present Continuous 
 We/walk/on/the/ beach/now.
 They/have/a/great/time/at/the/camp/at/the/ moment.
Tina/ and/Pam/stay/in/a/five-star/hotel.
 It/rain/outdoors/at/the/ moment.
The/ dog/bark/at/some/strangers.
6. Переведите предложения
1. Мы кушаем
2. Она читает в данный момент
3. Они играют
4. Он плавает сейчас

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