План урока в 11 классе по теме Глобализация: друг или враг

Урок в 11 классе по теме: «Глобализация: друг или враг?»
Цель урока: определить степень влияния глобализации на нашу жизнь, положительные и отрицательные стороны этого влияния.
-воспитательная: воспитание чувства патриотизма и интернационализма, видения себя как гражданина мира.
-развивающая: развивать пространственное мышление, умение классифицировать, выявлять связи, формулировать выводы; развивать коммуникативные навыки при работе в парах, развивать познавательный интерес; развивать умение объяснять особенности, закономерности, анализировать, сопоставлять, сравнивать и т.д.
-обучающая: развития навыков говорения и аудирования.
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Тип урока: обобщение и систематизация знаний по теме «Глобализация».
Ход урока:
Организационный момент.
Актуализация знаний.
Основная часть.
Заключительная часть, итоги.
Подробный ход урока
№ Этап урока Деятельность учителя Деятельность ученика
1 Организационный момент.
Приветствие -Good morning, guys. Sit down, please. I’m very glad to see you. -Good morning, O.P.
2 Целеполагание.
I would like to begin our lesson with the epigraph
“These days Paris is a suburb of New York and vice versa”
-How do you understand it?
-Try to predict what our talk is going to be about.
-All of you are right. We are really going to talk about globalisation.
We are goingto research what this process actually means;
to study how the process of globalisation influences the main spheres of our life;
to understand positive and negative sides of this phenomenon.
Слайд 1
- Borders are disappearing, businesses are going global, countries and people are becoming more and more interconnected and interdependent.
-We are going to talk about globalization;
-I think we’ll discuss advantages and disadvantages of globalization;
Слайд 2
Слайд 3

3 Актуализация знаний.
- What words and expressions can you associate with the phenomenon of globalization?
-Now look at the screen. Read and translate the words
-To understand the phenomenon of Globalisation and spheres of its influence, let’s watch a video.
-Did you like the video?
- What does globalisation mean?
- That’s right. Now let’s remember in what spheres of our life globalization reveals itself.
- You are quite right. business, integration, interaction, interconnected, interdependent, competition, to go global, innovation, develop, diversity, trade, instant, borders, disappear, movement, unite, communication, currency, international, technologies, cooperation, corporation…
Слайды 4, 5
Видео “What is globalisation?”
- G. means that most countries depend on each other;
-people in different countries may have the same problems;
-people in different countries drive the same cars, wear the same brands of clothes and listen to the same music.
- Globalisation is a rapid increase in international trade, cultural exchange and interdependence of the countries all over the world.

- G. reveals itself in the economy, in the political and social life, in culture and education.
4 Основная часть -There are many arguments surrounding the phenomenon of globalization and they are quite controversial. Some people think it helps everyone while others consider it hurts some people.
-And what do teenagers from different countries think about it? Let’s listen to them. Open your books on page 120, ex. 15. Read the task. While listening make some notes. Are you ready? Put on your earphones.
-Which place isn’t mentioned?
-Which of the teenagers think that they already live in the global village? Do they think it is good or bad?
-Which of the teenagers don’t think they live in the global village?
-And now let’s work in pairs. Each pair is getting an own task. According to your theme you should prepare short information.
I’ll give you 2minutes.
-Time is up. Put off your earphones.
-What can you tell us about globalization in economy
. Well, you did it!
- And now let’s discuss what is good or bad in globalisation in politics.
- What can you say about globalisation in culture and education?
-Your theme is globalization in the life of teenagers. You are welcome.
- Our discussion is coming to the end I must admit that you did everything brilliantly as you know a lot about very serious things and you can see their advantages and disadvantages, it’s great.
-The USA
- Children from Poland, Germany and Russia. Boys from Estonia and France think they are a part of the global village.
-A boy from China.
Work in pairs
Слайд 6 с заданиями
-Globalisation influences the economic process. Economic globalization is a world trend and it influences economies of all countries. Russia has to integrate into the world economy, too. There are a lot of examples of global companies now. Everyone has heard about Mc Donald’s, Coca-Cola, Ford, Samsung. The number of global companies is growing rapidly. They work in the global economy
-The countries of the global village have common problems and tend to unite to solve them. Political leaders hold meetings and summits to work out а general poliсу to deal with terrorism social and environmental problems.
Thus, Political instability in оnе country, а local military operation or an unpopular political decision сan cause а chain reaction and affect many countries.
Russia should not ignore the political and social problems of other countries as these problems can affect it, too.
-The more people of different nations have in common, the easier communication is.
-The traditions and languages of minor nationalities gradually die out.
-The young people of many countries are fans of the Internet.
-People can enjoy not only their nation’s cultural achievements but all the cultural treasures of the world.
-Different nations adopt the same moral and family values.
-All big cities of the world are becoming more and more alike.
-People can feel at home whatever country they are in since they listen to the same music, watch similar TV programmes and shop in the same supermarket.
-Much of global language stimulates information exchange.
-Similar educational standards promote student exchange.
5 Заключительная часть, итоги -What have we done today?
I think that all of you have worked hard and your marks are the following:
Your home task for the next lesson is: write a short article “Globalization: friend or foe”. -We have discussed the topic “Globalization”
-We have watched the video
-We have revealed advantages and disadvantages of globalization

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