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Сабақтың тақырыбы:
Kazakh national clothes.
Сабақтың мақсаты:
Білімділік: To speak about Kazakh national clothes.To teach the new material and introduce with new grammar ‘What do you……’ To check up their knowledge on this theme.
Дамытушылық: To develop pupils’ skills and habits, to improve pupils' motivation and participation in classroom activities, to stimulate students' to a learning foreign language.To develop listening, writing and speaking abilities To check up the knowledge of vocabulary and orally speech. To develop aims and objectives;Тәрбиелік: To teach pupils to respect own schoolmates, teachers and parents. To direct the students’ interest in Kazakh national clothes.
Cабақтың түрі: Аралас сабақ
Сабақтың өтілу әдісі: Топтық жұмыс
Көрнекіліктер: интербелсенді тақта, оқулық, кеспе қағаздар
Пән аралық байланыс: Тарих пәні
Сабақтың барысы
Ұйымдастыру кезеңі:
Good morning, children! I am glad to see you! How are you?
Good morning, teacher! We are glad to see you too.
Warm up: Make up gymnastics together
Үй тапсырмасын тексеру кезеңі
To revise adjectives of last lesson. For example: tall, short, small, big, kind, strict, beautiful.
He is tall and thin.
He is short and fat.
She is tall and slim.
Мақсат қою кезеңі. Бүгінгі сабағымыздың мақсаты: Қазақтың ұлттық киімдері туралы әңгіме қозғаймыз. Және де әріп қосындыларының оқылуын үйренеміз. Мысалы: Magic ‘oa’ and ‘ow’
Жаңа сабақты түсіндіру
Vocabulary of lesson: a jacket, sweater, warm hat, raincoat, sandals,
National costumes: kamzol, saukele, takya, Zhanat tone , Zhargak tone, Kamshat boryk, Borik, kalpak, kebis, ichigi, kebis,

I wear shorts, a t-shirt and sandals in summer.
I wear a jacket, jeans and boots in autumn.
I wear a sweater, a coat, a warm hat and boots in winter.
I wear a raincoat and boots in spring.
Men had various head covers. They wore various skull caps, and summer and winter hats. The summer hats - kalpak - were sewn of fine thread, were mostly white and had ancient traditional decoration.
Women wore old blouse-skirts, and at the end of the 19th c, they were gathered at the waist. A frill was sewn to the skirt, and embroidered with a galloon. Young women and girls wore a bib over the dress made from sukno or felt with embroidery, a galloon and silver badges.
Жаңа сабақты түсінгенін тексеру кезеңі
Teacher: - “Who is the fastest?”1. What is the symbol of freedom in Kazakhstan? (An eagle)2. What is the capital of KZ? (Astana)3. A dwelling where Kazakhs live in ancient time? (Yurta)4. In what month is Kazakh New Year celebrated? (In March)5. When do we celebrate the Independence Day? (On the 16th of December).6. Who is the head of Kazakhstan? (President N.Nazarbaev).7. What kind of state is Kazakhstan? (Democratic republic).8. What river is Astana situated on? (The Ishym).9. What is national Kazakh women’s, hat? (saukele)
3728085195580Бекіту кезеңі
Sing a song with class.
Look at my home landOur glory has comeFrom hoary antiguateMy kazakh peopleAre pound and strongOh, my home landOh, my home landI am a flower grown by youI am a song coming from your lipsMy Kazakhstan, that isWhere I was born
Үйге тапсырма кезеңі
Ex 1-2 p43 and to tell about another costumes of our people.

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