Презентация по английскому языку Why do teens join the group

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Why do teens join the group?What is hot with the young generation? {5C22544A-7EE6-4342-B048-85BDC9FD1C3A}To join a group/ organizationTo show a rebellion against the regime/societyTo help people aroundTo show offExtremelyI don’t care about organizationsTo wear dreadlocksTo listen to reggae musicTo express oneselfAggressiveTo wear badgesTo conformTo supportSubcultureHacker Rocker Phonetic activity When children are doing nothing, they are doing mischief (Henry Fielding)We could never have loved the Earth so well, if we had no childhood in it (George Eliot)Equal rights for all, special privileges for none (Thomas Jefferson)Read and translate the famous quotations To expressTo developTo supportTo identifyTo tryTo rebelTo rejectTo protestLexical activity (translate) Ex. 2 p.76-77Lexical activity People choose … to express themselves.I don’t ... the … and aggressionThey’d …all sports of options: alcohol, drugs, etc. before they chose the only lifestyle.To look older one shouldn’t identify himself with …subculturesMy father and mother always ask me why I …Teens who like hard rock are called …We couldn’t … the burnt message.“Speak …!”, said the teacher.Distinct, support, rebel against, option, aggressive, conform, to identify, subculture, rockers, violence, tried out, distinctly, hacker, violent. We use negative questions especially:- to show surpriseDidn’t you hear the bell? It rang four times- in exclamations (!)Doesn’t that dress looks nice?- when we expect the listener to agree with usHaven’t we met somewhere before? Yes, I think we have- you should remember the word order in negative questions with “why”Why didn’t you lock the door ? (NOT Why you didn’t lock the door?)Grammar review: Negative questions We won’t see Ann this eveningOh! (she/not/come/to the party)I hope we don’t meet Brian tonightWhy? (you/not/like him?)I’ll have to borrow some money Why? (you/ not/ have/any?)Don’t go and see that filmWhy? (it/not/be/good?)Grammar (make up negative questions) Ex. 3 (1) p.77Ex. 3 (2) p.77Ex. 4 (1) p.78Ex. 4 (2) p.79Reading Ex. 5 p. 79Hometask

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