Открытый урок «Eating habits»

Класс: 10 «Б»
Дата: 19.01.18
Предмет: английский язык
Учитель: Искакова А.А.
Тема: «Eating habits»
Цель: Обучающая- к онцу урока учащиеся будут готовы к составлению путеводителя по здоровому питанию; совершенствование речевых компетентостей, развитие навыков чтения.
Воспитывающая-создать условия для формирования здорового отношения к здоровью, развивать умение работать в группе, воспитывать чувство уважения к мнению друг друга.
Развивающая- развитие способности осуществлять речевые действия; развивать навыки интерактивного чтения, умения делать выводы.
Задачи урока:
-Закрепить и активизировать изученные лексические единицы и граматические структуры в чтении и устной речи.;
-Проверить выполнение мини-проектов по теме
-Провести контроль знаний изученного лексики.
Интерактивная доска, раздаточный материал, учебник «English», (Т.Аяпова)
Технология: критическое мышление через стратегию «Fishbone»
Ход урока
Этапы урока Установка учителя Деятельность учащихся режим время
этап 1) greeting 1)Students say to each other smith pleasant Фронт. 1 мин
Актуализация имеющихся знания Look at this cluster. What factors influence on our health?
1) involving of students to set the aim of the lesson
2) what is the topic of our lesson? Fill in the cluster
Фронт. 2 мин
а) словарная работа Cards Give the definitions of the words Фронт. 3 мин
б) презентация
(д\З) Проверка домашнего задания Уч-ся представляют мини проекты по питанию Груп. 15мин

Речевая зарядка 1) Do you have lunch at school?
2) What do you buy and eat at school canteen?
3) What is your habit of eating? Фронтальное высказывание уч-ся Фронт. 5 мин
Осмысление Проблемный вопрос
Do you usually keep your balanced diet?
(стратегия «fishbone») Reasons
8223259525082232528575698500952506985002857556515095250 Груп. 5 мин
Чтение Read the text about school dinners in British schools and do exercises to check your understanding Students read the text on sheets of papers Груп. 5 мин
Speaking Food pyramid is shown
The question for discussion Индив. 3 мин
Рефлексия And now the time is for reflection! Please make up in groups your recommendations or rules in healthy eating and habits. On sheets of papers students make up and present their recommendations Груп.. 3 мин
Подведение итогов урока Оценки уч-ся :
How is your mood?
Show me the smiling? Ученики показывают свое настроение через смайлики Индив. 2 мин
Д\З Review vocabulary on the topic Write the home work Индив. 1 мин
Additional material:
Fill in the cluster
1082040205105031108652908301605915290830Health care
0Health care


The questions for discussion:
What foods contain carbohydrates?
What are the five basic types of blood a person should eat?
What does dairy build in our body?
Why are fruits and vegetables important for our health?
What do you usually eat for breakfast?
What do you usually have for dinner?
What groups are the foods form?
What do you usually eat for supper/
What groups are the foods from?
What snacks are healthy for you to eat?
What is junk food? Give some examples.
Is it healthy to skip meals?
Marc Maiffret was once a seventeen- year-old who hated going to school and turned to hacking out of boredom. Now twenty-one , he has made a fortune out of computer security. “ the thing I’m happy about is that my biggest passion In life is something that actually makes a good business,’ says Maiffret. So what advice does marc have for young people? ‘ be ready to work a lot. If you’re younger, it is harder to ti impress people. You’d better be ready to make work your only focus and know what you want to achieve. You’ve still go to have fun and make time for that, but it makes a lot of hard work and a lot of dedication, ‘he says.
Rather than going high-tech, Mike Becker went in the opposite direction. As a teenager, he collected toys and items from his childhood. ‘I knew there so I set up a cool little business based on what I love. ’he say. Becker decided to bring back the bobblehead (a plastic toy that you wear on your head) and invested his saving of $35,000 in his business. His company now makes around $2 million a year. ‘Be very clear about what it is you’re selling. Ask yourself whether there is a market for it. Be prepared to extend your range of abilities, ‘ Becker advises. Everyone comes across a good idea in their life, but they seldom do anything about it. It’s really about putting things into practice,’
Sport has made Robert Tuchman well off, but he started with nothing. After university, he couldn’t find a job in television, so he worked in advertising. ‘What companies really wanted was to take their clients to sporting events. I established a business to do that. We now make around $10 million a year. If you want to be successful, you’ve got to go for it. Don’t ever let anyone say it can’t be done. If it doesn’t work the first time, give it another try and another try, until you find a way to make it work.’
John Christakos and his business partners couldn’t afford designer furniture when they were students so they decided to produce their own. They all studied business and knew that there was a large market for cheap but stylish furniture. Their business is now worth about $3 million a year. When asked for his advice to young entrepreneurs, John says; ’Work for other small companies in other field problems and solutions for the first time. If you were thinking of going into business on your own, you’d learn a lot from the right kind of experience.’

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