Разработка урока по обновленному содержанию образования РК. Тема Professions (5 класс)

Short term plan
Unit 4 The world of work School: №8 Uralsk
Date: 5.12.2017 Teacher name: Uteyeva Ilvira DzhamievnaGrade: 5 Number present: absent:
Lesson title: ProfessionsLearning objectives(s) that this lesson is contributing to 5.R7 recognise typical features at word, sentence and text level in a limited range of written genres
5.W3 write with support factual descriptions at text level which describe people, places and objects
Lesson objectivesAll learners will be able to:
recognise typical features at word, sentence and text level with support
write with much support factual descriptions at text level
Most learners will be able to:
recognise typical features at word, sentence and text level with little support
write with support factual descriptions at text level
Some learners will be able to:
recognise typical features at word, sentence and text level without support
write with little support factual descriptions at text level
Assessment criteriaclassify professions correctly
read and understand the main information from the text
find the correct answers to the tasks from the text
demonstrate their knowledge in correct writing
speak only English
Value links Respect, responsibility, hardworking (Value 5. Mangilik Yel)
Cross curricular links ICT skills PPT, videoPrevious learningProfessions, jobs classification and jobs qualities
Planned timings Planned activities Resources
2 min
5 min
Class organization and lesson objectives presentation
(W) Greetings Method “Compliment”
Teacher greets learners
Good morning children. I’m glad to see you. What’s your mood today? Show me your mood please with your color cards. Today you have different mood and I want to make it better. Make please a compliment to your neighbor. (by chain)
(W,I) Warm-up Speaking Activity 1
What did we talk about at the previous lessons?
Yes, you’re all right. We talked about “Professions”.
What professions can you name?
I give you pictures with different jobs. Listen to my description of this or that job, take the card and stick it to the blackboard. Name the profession in 3 languages
1.a job of typing letters ( a secretary)
2. a job of selling goods ( a shop assistant)
3. a job of cutting men’s hair ( a barber)
4. a job of stopping fire ( a fireman)
5. a job of mending or pulling bad teeth ( a dentist)
6. a job of growing flowers and trees ( a gardener)
7. a job of making photographs ( a photographer)
8. a job of making your holidays happy ( a travel agent)
9. a job of preparing food ( a cooker)
10. a job of baking cakes and bread ( a baker)
Then teacher introduces the lesson objectives PPT
(slides 1-2)
4 min
2 min
3 min
1-2 min

2-3 min
7 min
5 min
Checking home work
I want you to be divided in 2 groups
Teacher: Your home task was to learn the professions and their classification. We introduced with the different types of professions. We talked about “professions” and “not professions” (“professions” require special education and “not profession” can be done without special qualification). And we learnt that jobs can be classified as traditional and unusual.
Task: 1st group Classify the following professions into
“professions” and “not professions” Write your
answers in the poster.
2nd group Classify the following jobs into
traditional jobs and unusual jobs.
Write your answers in the poster.
Doctor, fireman, dentist, babysitter, teacher, police officer, vet, footballer, accountant, pilot, tea tester, cooker, race car driver, shop assistant, builder, postman, cosmonaut, team mascot

(W) Pre-reading Activity
1) prediction
Learners watch a part of the video to the text “Fun jobs”. Then try to answer the question What is this text about?
2) pre- teach word study
Waterslide tester
(W,I) Reading Activity
1) scanning reading
Task: Read the text silently. Ex 1 p. 46, then do the task.
2) post- reading task
Task: Mark the following statements T (true) or F (false)
(G) Differentiation by abilities Activity
1st group – Choose one of the answers and complete the sentences.
2nd group – Complete the sentences. Ex 2a p.46 SB
3rd group Make up 5 questions for these answers
I’m a basketball mascot
I wear a red owl costume.
I only work part-time.
I need to be careful, hardworking and brave.
No, it is not always easy work.
What..Do..What qualities…
(G) Writing ex 7 p. 47 sb
Task for the 1st group: Write a short text about working as a basketball mascot. Use the words in the box.
Task for the 2nd group: Write a short text about working as a basketball mascot with support.
Task for the 3rd group: Write a short text about working as a basketball mascot with little support. Poster,
Video (DVD disk)
Excel textbook
White board disk
Textbooks and cards with the task
2-3 min
1-2 min Feedback
– Please, fill in the Evaluation cards!
Evaluation Final Self-Assessment (оцени себя) Your name__________
Task (задание) Succeeded (получилось) Found difficult
(было трудно)
1. classify professions correctly 2. Read the text and do all given tasks accurately 3. write a text about basketball mascot work 4. Speak only English Homework
Ex: 3c page 29 wbAdditional information
Differentiation – how do you plan to give more support? How do you plan to challenge the more able learners? Assessment – how are you planning to check learners’ learning? Health and safety checkICT links, value links, cross curricular links
- More help can be given in the middle of the lesson by providing learners with low level abilities the task – to choose one of the answers and complete sentences (possible correct and incorrect answers)
- Learners with average level abilities answer the same questions with little support.
- Brilliant students are given a task – to make up questions for given answers.
More-abled learners can be encouraged with the teacher`s praise at the beginning of the lesson for correct and complete answers in pre – reading discussion.
-Health promoting techniques (watching PPT and video not more than 15 min.)
-Safety rules
-To teach pupils to respect each other
Were the lesson objectives/learning objectives realistic? Did all learners achieve the LO?
If not, why?
Did my planned differentiation work well?
Did I stick to timings?
What changes did I make from my plan and why? The lesson objectives were realistic, all leaners achieve them. Planned differentiation worked well. I stuck to timings.
Summary evaluation
What two things went really well (consider both teaching and learning)?
1: Checking home task in groups went well
2: Differentiation went well
What two things would have improved the lesson (consider both teaching and learning)?
1: The method compliment improved the leaners mood and they worked well

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