Spotlight 4 Module 4 Funny Animals

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Spotlight 4 Module 4Funny AnimalsРыжова М.А. Урок по теме «Animals»a whalea crocodile a lizarda hippoa dolphina giraffea monkeya seal

«What is it?»1.     It lives in the house. It likes fish and mouse. 2.     This animal likes grass. It gives us milk. 3.    This animal lives at home or in the street. It is a man’s friend. 4. It is not small. It is big. It can run and go. It can’t jump.  It can’t fly. It is grey. It has a big nose and big ears. It lives in the jungle. Who is it? 5. It is big. It lives in the river. It can swim. It can go. It is green. It has a big nose. Who is it? 6. It is big. It is not small. It can run, go and climb. It lives in the forest. It is brown. Who is it? 7. It is nice and clever. It lives in the forest. It is reddish, it likes to eat rabbits and other small animals. What is it? 8. It is funny and clever. It lives in the forest in the trees. It can run, climb, jump very well. It can be big or small. It likes bananas. What is it? 9. This animal is very unusual. It cannot walk, it cannot run, it cannot fly, it can only jump. It has a front pocket and in the pocket it carries a baby. It lives in Australia. Name this animal. 10. It is long and green. It can be very terrible and aggressive. It likes to eat meat and fish. It is very wild. It lives in the water. What is it? Tall monkeySilly giraffeClever whaleLittle lizardLazy sealBig dolphin Which animal is cleverer?a mousea dolphin Which animal has got a shorter tail? a kangaroo a sheep Which animal is bigger? a whalea hippo
Which animal is taller?a giraffean elephant
Which animal is thinner?a seala lizard Good luck!

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