Задания по суммативному оцениванию за 2 четверть

Duration of summative assessment – 40 minutes
Listening – 10 minutes Reading – 10 minutes Writing – 20 minutes
Total marks- 24
Task 1 : Listening CD 2.05
Listen to Laura and Emily's story. Choose the correct answer:
1 How long was Laura and Emily's trip?
a)700 km b)1700km c)17 000 km
2 Where were they skiing when Laura fell through the ice?
a)the United States b) Greenland c)Panama
3 What was the problem while they were cycling?
a)There were storms b)It was too cold c) It was too hot
4 How did they get to Quito?
a) They walked and climbed b)They sailed
5)Which trip did they make?
a)From the North Pole to the United States b)From Greenland to the North pole c)From the North Pole to the Equator
6)How far did they sail to North America?
a) 400km b) 4000 km c) 14 000 km
Task 2: Reading Read the article and write true or false:
The human spiderman
Alain Robert is one of the world’s greatest daredevils. He climbs tall buildings around the world.
He started climbing when he was twelve. His family lived on the 8th floor of a tall building. One day Alain forgot his keys, so he climbed up the building and went in through the window.
It’s a dangerous hobby. Alain had a bad fall while he was climbing in Taipei. In 2005, the American police arrested him while he was climbing a building in Texas. So why does he do it? He likes the danger, but he also uses his climbs to make people think about world problems. In 2008, for example, while climbing, he wore a T-shirt with a message about global warming.
1He started climbing when he was twelve. __________
2His family forgot to give him a key. ___________
3Alain had an accident in Texas. ___________
4The police in America arrested him. ___________
5Alain uses his climbs to make people think about problems in the world. ___________
6 Alain Robert climbs tall buildings. _______
Task 3: Writing
Look at the information about Rose Cottage. Then write about it. Use the questions to help you.
Rose Cottage, near York
rooms bedrooms (1) – bed, chest of drawers, no wardrobe bathrooms (1) – shower, no bath kitchen (1) – table and chairs living rooms (1) – sofa, lamps, TV no dining room
people Tom – in living room – reading Beth – in bathroom – having a shower
good things very pretty, not expensive
1What rooms has it got?
2What is there in the rooms?
3Where are the people at the moment?
4What are they doing?
5Why is Rose Cottage a great holiday home?
Task 3 Part 2 : Order the words to make past continuous questions.
the sun / shining / was
Was the sun shining?
1across / the lake / they / were / sailing
2relaxing / at home / you / were
3the river / moving / fast / was
Task 4 : Speaking
3Describe the photos.
Photo A
Describe the place that you can see. What is the weather like?
What happened to this person?
What was she doing when the accident happened?
How do you think she felt?
What do you think happened in the end?

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