Короткая сценка к Новому Году (англ)

Hello girls! (Соня)
Oh, Sonya, you look so happy! (Инга)
Don’t you know what day is it today? (Соня)
The 31th of December… And? (Инга)
Are you joking? (Даша)
Bells are ringing.People singing.New Year’s here.New Year’s hereHappy, Happy New YearHappy, Happy New YearLet’s all cheer.New Year’s here!
Oh, I love New Year! (Юля)
Happy New Year to you.May all your wishes come true.Happy New Year my friend.Happy New Year to you.
I don’t know, girls, nothing special…(Инга)
It won’t do, Inga! (Соня)
I want to give you lots of loveAnd want to say right here:Have a nice New Year DayAnd then a happy year!
- * Инга пожимает плечами
New things to (Юля)
learn, (Инга)
New friends to (Даша)
Meet (Инга)
New songs to (Соня)
sing, (Инга)
New books to (Юля)
read. (Инга)
New things to (Даша)
see, (Инга)
New things to (Соня)
hear, (Инга)
New things to (Юля)
do …In this New Year! (Инга)
Dear friends, (Соня)
we wish you (Юля)
a Merry Christmas (Даша)
and a Happy New Year! (Инга)

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