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About meКузнецов Максим8”В” AppearanceMy name is Maxim. I am 14 years old. I’m blue-eyed. I'm not very tall FamilyI have mother,fatherAnd two sisters

Home town, favorite placesI’m from Russia, from Moscow.In my city I like: Red square, Vorobiovy hills and Tsarytsyno park

School, favorite subjectsI study in school 832I like the Russian language and literature
ppt_yppt_yppt_y Most important things about the countryMy country is very big. There are a lot of people, animals and plants
Hobbies and favorite pastimesI like hanging out with friends, going to the cinema
Sports in my lifeI do not do any sport, but I play volleyball
style.rotation Most important events in my lifeThe most important event in my life was my birthday. I also really memorable trip to the sea

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