National symbols of the UK

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* * Each country in Britain has its own patron saint and floral emblem: * * CONTENTS PARTS OF THE UK RED ROSE ST. GEORGE THISTLE ST. ANDREW SHAMROCK ST. PATRICK * * LEEK and DAFFODIL ST. DAVID UNION JACK TEST YOURSELF * * PARTS OF THE UK The UK consists of four parts. * * RED ROSE The national flower of England is the rose. The flower has been adopted as England’s emblem since the time of the Wars of the Roses - civil wars (1455-1485) between the royal house of Lancaster (whose emblem was a red rose) and the royal house of York (whose emblem was a white rose). * * ST. GEORGE Saint George (c. 275-280–April 23, 303) is a Christian martyr, who was a commander in chief of the Roman Army during the reign of Diocletian. * * THISTLE The national flower of Scotland is the thistle, a prickly-leaved purple flower which was first used in the 15th century as a symbol of defence. * * ST. ANDREW About the middle of the tenth century, Andrew became the patron saint of Scotland. Several legends state that the relics of Andrew were brought under supernatural guidance from Constantinople to the place where the modern St. Andrews stands * * SHAMROCK The national flower of Northern Ireland is the shamrock, a three-leaved plant similar to clover. An Irish tale tells of how Patrick used the three-leafed shamrock to explain the Trinity. He used it in his sermons to represent how the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit could all exist as separate elements of the same entity. His followers adopted the custom of wearing a shamrock on his feast day. * * ST. PATRICK Legend credits Patrick with teaching the Irish about the concept of the Trinity by showing people the shamrock, a 3-leaved clover, using it to highlight the Christian dogma of 'three divine persons in the one God' * * LEEK and DAFFODIL The national flower of Wales is the daffodil, which is traditionally worn on St. David’s Day. The vegetable called leek is also a traditional emblem of Wales. * * ST. DAVID St. David lived a simple life teaching his followers to drink only water; to eat only bread with salt and herbs; and to spend the evenings in prayer, reading and writing.. His symbol, also the symbol of Wales, is the leek. * * The UK flag consists of three elements: the cross of St. George (red on white) for England, the cross of St. Andrew (white diagonal on blue) for Scotland, and the so-called cross of St. Patrick (red diagonal on white) for Ireland. The original Union Jack/Union Flag was adopted in 1606 THE UK FLAG * * TEST YOURSELF How many floral emblems does the UK have? What is the emblem of England? Who is its patron saint? What is the emblem of Scotland? Who is its patron saint? What is the emblem of Ireland? Who is its patron saint? What are the emblems of Wales? Who is its patron saint? What is the name of the national flag of the UK? What elements does it consist of? * * AUTHORS OF THE PRESENTATION ENGLISH TEACHERS LEVITSKAYA YULIA POZDNEEVA OLGA SELYUTINA NADEZHDA

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