Travelling Is a Wonderful Thing

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Prepared by I. Shaforostova K. Fedotova Millions of people all over the world spend their holidays travelling. They travel to see other countries, cities, the ruins of ancient towns or just to go sightseeing. And now we tell you about interesting and mysterious places of planet. Some places which you can visit But what was Stonehenge used for? Over the years many theories have appeared and people continue to present their versions. On the hypothesis of one scientist, Stonehenge is the mean of transmission of message, left people so that it "reached" in certain moment of time - when humanity will be accumulated by enough knowledges for his decoding. Probably, right and those, who talks that Stonehenge is cult building for offerings. Right and adding him on a complex astronomic instrument (Stonehenge could be used as a very exact computer to forecast the time of the next eclipse). Sphinx - one of the greatest monolithic statues of the world, which guards the pyramids of pharaons in Giza. It the greatest from ancient statues. Carved 5 millenniums back, it forever did Egyptian Giza one of the most interesting places on all of earth. A sphinx for nothing is considered enigmatic: on a large account about a monumental figure almost nothing it is known. Noone country so is not associated with vampirism, as Romania. Vampires occupy an important place in folk-lore traditions of this earth. Count Drakula. For millions of people this name is related to appearance of legendary vampire from gloomy and enigmatic countries of Transylvania. Yellow color is Transylvania But not all know that Drakula was not quite a blood-sucker in direct sense this word, he is known as a bloody tyrant, whose cruelties became the most prime example of sadism. He got the nickname of Cepesh for cruelty in violence with enemies which seated on a stake. On these pictures you can see the castle of count Dracula which is named Bran. His low ceilings, narrow corridors and stairs, lime walls and unchanging dark heavy furniture and massive doors is a viewing not for nervous. There is a great number of versions, but until now not clear, that for a creature led in a lake. In 2005 Neil Clark confronted the first reliable information of looking after a monster with the graph of trips of vagrant circuses on a road in Iverness. Annually this district visits tourists, persons interested personally to make an effort see Nessi half a million, from them 300 thousands see an official museum of lokhness monster. In the middle of the Pacific ocean there is the most remote inhabited island of Earth. Locals call him Rapanui, and other whole world - by the island of Easter. Europeans opened him only in 1722, an event coincided with eve of Christian holiday which an island was adopted in honor. In the days of a bloom the population of island of Rapanui was divided by 11 tribes a general quantity from 10 to 20 thousand of persons. People lived in the countries, by a temple and the community centre of which were stone platforms - akhu. Originally akhu were altars, oriented in obedience to motion of a Sun. The habitants of island trust that supernatural force of ancestors of this clan is concluded in statues (mana). The concentration of many will result in good harvests, rains and prosperity. These legends constantly change and passed on fragments, why recovering exact history is difficult. As for us we like travelling very much. In 2006 we visited a very interesting country Egypt and saw one of the seven wonders of world – it is pyramid of Kheops. We are going to see the castle of count Dracula Bran and to trial our nerves. We are sure that any travel is very useful to enrich our knowledge.

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