Контрольная работа по английскому языку для специальности Технология продукции общественного питания

Рассмотрено на заседании ЦМК
общеобразовательных дисциплин
______________Мелешко Е.Г.
Зам.директора по УР
__________________Чижова М.Ю.
Перечень заданий контрольной работы
По дисциплине (МДК): ОГСЭ.03 Иностранный язык
Курс 4 группа(ы) 105/106фТП
Специальность(и) Технология продукции общественного питания,
Разработал преподаватель
Мелешко Евгения Геннадиевна
2017 г.
Переведите на английский язык слова и словосочетания: (10б)
Жареный (без масла), картофельное пюре, десерт, фирменное блюдо, приправа, спешить, хранить старые традиции, столовая, пицца Поставьте глаголы в Past Simple (5б)
I work at the restaurant. 2. My mother seldom cooks dinner. 3. They help their friends.
4. I often fry fish. 5. I drink a glass of juice every morning.
Дайте полные ответы на вопросы после текста: (3б)
Eating out in Moscow
Some years ago it was rather difficult to find а place for eating in Moscow. There were few canteens, cafes and restaurants where people could have lunch, dinner or а snack. But Moscow has changed. Nowadays there are а 1ot of different places here where we can eat decent food at reasonable price and take someone for lunch оп business.
If you want to eat on the run, you should go to а fast-food restaurant: McDonalds, "Russian Bistro" or Pizza Hut. They are very popular now. The first Russian-Canadian restaurant McDonalds was opened in 1990. Nowadays there are а 1ot of them in оuг city and everyone has experienced the dishes there. The service is quick: you enter the restaurant, соmе up to the counter, make your choice, pay the money, take the tray with your dishes and occupy any vacant tаblе. The menu card offers you single or double hamburgers, cheeseburgers, fillet of fish, fried crisp potatoes. For а drink, you can order cooling beverages — "Coca - Со1а", "Fanta", "Sprite", tea or coffee.
to eat decent food at reasonable price – прилично поесть по разумной цене
to take someone for lunch оп business – пригласить кого-либо на бизнес-ланчto eat on the run – поесть на бегу
to experience the dishes – попробовать блюда
Where can you eat on the run in Moscow?
Why are the restaurants of quick service so popular nowadays?
What does the menu card offer to the customers of McDonalds?
4. Задайте к предложениям общие вопросы и дайте краткие ответы: (4б)
1. Ann loved her cat very much.
2. They often went to the cinema together.
3. Mother bought a cake for tea.
4. She recommended this restaurant to me.
1.Переведите на английский язык слова и словосочетания: (10б)
Запеченная рыба, вареный судак, тушеное мясо, ломтик, тефтели, гурман, крахмал, поесть на бегу, стейк, приличный2. Поставьте глаголы в Past Simple (5б)
1. My grandmother dries apples in summer. 2. He doesn’t shopping on Monday. 3. We have lunch at 12. 4. She tins meat herself. 5. We buy dairy products every day.
3. Дайте полные ответы на вопросы после текста: (3б)
Eating out if you are in a hurry
If you are in a hurry, you can have а snack: in а bar. There are many kinds of bars in Moscow: snack bars, express bars, milk bars, beer bars.
Besides, if you are hungry but have too 1ittle time for eating, you can take а quick bite in а cafe "Russian Bistro" or "Russian B1iny".
But if you seek the gastronomical experience of your 1ife, you should go somewhere e1se. There are hundreds of restaurants in Moscow to satisfy everyone's taste — from traditional Russian food to the finest of French wines and delicacies of the Far East.
The Russian people have always been gourmets. Moscow famous restaurants were reborn in our time. One can again visit "Yar" or "Metropol". Many new restaurants keep the old traditions of the Russian ' cuisine and hospitality: Each restaurant has its specialties of the house.
In European, American and oriental restaurants of Moscow you can order international dishes although each restaurant as а rule specializes in one of the national cuisines.
The French cuisine has had the leading role in Moscow homes and restaurants since Peter the Great's times. In today's Moscow you can find а classical choice of French dishes at the art restaurant "Nostalgie". The restaurant has а vast wine list and а sommelier to help you make the right choice.
gourmet – гурман
to be in a hurry – спешить
to have а snack – перекусить
to take а quick bite – перекусить
to satisfy one's taste – удовлетворить чей-либо вкус
to keep the old traditions – хранить старые традиции
What kinds of bars can you find in Moscow?
What restaurants with traditional Russian cuisine are there in Moscow?
Where can you find a classical choice of French dishes?
4. Задайте к предложениям общие вопросы и дайте краткие ответы: (4б)
1. I had dinner with my family yesterday.
2. We came home late last night.
3 . After dinner they were very thirsty.
4. My parents had a nice car three years ago.
Переведите на английский язык слова и словосочетания: (10б)
Попробовать блюда, удовлетворить чей-либо вкус, легкая закуска, глотать поспешно, основное блюдо, сотрудники кухни, каша, бульон, телятина, фасольПоставьте глаголы в Past Simple (5б)
I bake delicious apple pies. 2. They usually take a table by the window. 3. We order fish and chips in this snack bar. 4. He eats too much. 5. This waiter serves this table.
3.Дайте полные ответы на вопросы после текста: (3б)
Eating out in Moscow
Italian cuisine in Moscow is one of the most popular. Speaking about Italian cuisine, it is impossible not to mention the beloved pasta and the internationally popular pizza. Best Moscow restaurants, "Pizza Express" for example, offer you а great choice of pasta with different sauces as well as many pizzas - Neapolitana, 4 Seasons, Margarita, which became Muscovites' favourites.
North America cuisine is also very popular in Moscow. The main food for modern Americans and Canadians is vegetables and fruit salads. Steak - house restaurants are proud of meat dishes. The leading dish hereis American steak.
If you are interested in the culinary arts of Indochina, you have to visit popular Chinese, Japanese or Korean restaurants. The реорlе of Indochina eat practically every kind of food, but in the culinary art they don't use European dairy products. They almost never use salt but they use soya sauce, rice wine, sesame oi1 and starch diluted in water as dressings.
It is impossible to describe аll the variety of delicious dishes of different countries. Our advice is to visit: these restaurants and taste everything yourself.
cousine – кухня (блюда)
pasta – паста (макаронные изделия)
starch - крахмал
to dilute - разбавлять
dressing – приправа, соус
What are the most popular Italian dishes with Muscovites?
What is the leading meat dish in American restaurants?
What kind of products don’t the people of Indochina use, and what do they use?
4. Задайте к предложениям общие вопросы и дайте краткие ответы: (4б)
1. He drank two cups of tea.
2. Mother made a wonderful dinner yesterday.
3. Granny liked to cook very much.
4. I ate on the run in a fast-food restaurant yesterday.
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