Презентация по английскому языку на тему Healthy and unhealthy food

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Phonetic exercises [p] — potato, apple, soup,pudding[t] — butter, tomato, nut, carrot,meat,toast,fruit[dʒ] – juice, cabbage, jam, porridge,vegetable[t∫] - cheese, cherry,chocolate,chicken[i:] - sweet,coffee,tea,meat, [eI] – cake, grape Meat group Milk group What food is healthy? let’s remember how to write the words Выбери слово и соответствующую картинку milk 1 meat 2 an egg 3 a cabbage 4 fish 5 an orange 6 a potato 7 cheese 8 a tomato 9 an apple 10 What food is unhealthy or junk? TRUE OR FALSE 1.All food are good for you. 2.Vitamins and minerals help you to keep healthy. 3.Fruit and vegetables are full of sugar. 4.Sweets,crisps and cola keep you healthy. 5.You should eat different food to stay healthy and strong. GUESS: What’s the product? 1.You need me to make a sandwich or toast. – B_________2.I’m yellow or white. I’m made from milk. People like me on their pizza. — C___________3.People eat us fried, boiled or scrambled. — E_______4.I’m a very popular fast food with a sausage in the middle.  — H_______ D_______5.I’m a long yellow fruit. — B_____________6.Rabbits love this orange vegetable. – C_______________ Let’s watch the video-Quiz about healthy and unhealthy food! Complete the sentences using Past Simple Tense. 1.Mum _________apple juice yesterday. (to drink) 2. A little boy _______ice-cream. (to buy) 3.My father _______tasty soup.(to make) 4.You _________fruit salad yesterday.(to eat) 5.Ann _______the house last week (to clean) 6. I _____in London last month.(to be) 7.We _________at the stadium yesterday.(to be) 8.John ______ chess with his friend yesterday evening (to play)

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