Контрольная работа по аудированию для 5 класса

Контрольная работа по аудированию для 5 класса.
Послушайте рассказ о мальчике по имени Рон и отметь утверждения True (T) – правда, False (F) – ложь.
Ron is a pupil. He is eleven. Ron is from England. He lives there with his family. Ron’s family is not very big. He has got a mother, a father, a granny and two pets. They live on the farm. Ron’s mother is a teacher. Ron’s father is a farmer. Ron’s pets are a horse and a sheep. The horse’s name is Blackie. It’s black. The sheep’s name is Dolly. Ron likes his pets. He feeds them in the morning and in the evening. Ron likes to ride his horse very much.
Ron is ten. –
Ron goes to school. –
Ron is from England. –
His family is big. –
He lives on the farm. –
Ron has got three pets: a horse, a sheep and a cat. –
Ron’s horse is black. –
Dolly is the cat’s name. –
Ron feeds his pets in the afternoon. –
Ron likes riding Blackie. –

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