Презентация по учебнику Комаровой Personal profile(6 класс)

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Текстовое содержимое слайдов презентации:

AIM:to write a personal profile after reading a model Answer the questions:What is his name?Where is he from?How old is he?When is his birthday?What is his first language?What is he interested in?What is his favourite band? My personal profileHello!My name is…..and I am from……,and my birthday is on the……In my country,the official language is…..My first language is……and my second language is….I am interested in …..My favourite singer is…. HOW WHEN WHAT WHO WHEREWRITE QUESTIONS USING THESE WORDS:Your/nameOld/youYour/birthdayYou/fromYour/first languageYour/favourite singer Capital letters:The beginning of the sentenceThe subject pronoun INamesCountries and citiesMonths and daysLanguages and nationalities Plan of your profileName/age/nationalityBirthdayLanguages of your countryFirst/second languageInterestsFavourite bands I can…..I know….

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