Тест по английскому языку для 9 класса. Past Tenses

1 When Elisabeth  ________(switch) on the TV set, her favourite series ____________(already/ start
2. Everybody _________ (dance) and _________ (drink) when I _____ (leave) the disco at midnight.
3. As it _________ (not rain), I ________ (decide) to walk back home.
4. Two weeks after he __________ (finish) his exams, they ________ (give) a big party to celebrate it.
5. Mary ________ (want) to buy some clothes as one of her friends__________(invite) her to her birthday party.
6. When the film ________ (finish), Kate _________ (call) her friend Sue to ask how the episode ___________(begin) that day.
7. He___________ (study) very hard since the beginning of the last term at University and ________  (manage) to pass all the exams with very good marks.
8. When I _______ (get) off the plane it _________ (rain).
9. He _________ (look) for a job for over two months till my father _________ (offer) him the post of accountant in his factory.
10. Alan ______ (give) me back the book last Sunday and ______ (tell) me he __________ (enjoy) it very much.
11. She ______ (say) she ________ (never/ ride)  a bike before her parents ________ (buy) her one for her 14th birthday.
12. While we _________ (look) at a shop window, a car _________ (crash) into a street lamp.
13. The police ________ (arrive) immediately and an ambulance ______ (take) the driver to hospital.
14.We (finish) our lessons when the bell (ring)
15. I was happy because I ( do ) well in the test.
16. His T-shirt was filthy because he (wear ) it for three days
17 . My father ((peel) the potatoes while my mother (prepare) the sauce
18 Last year we (stay) in a charming hotel.
19. Last year I (stay) in a hotel when I ( got) a letter from her
20. He (drive) for an hour when he realized that he ( leave) his papers at home.
21. What you (do) when they arrived?
22. How long you (study) English before you (go)to England?
23. When and where you ( find ) this watch?
24. He ( come) into the room, (switch) on TV and (sit) on the sofa.
25. You ( already /do) your homework when your mother (come) home yesterday evening?

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