Привычки в еде в Британии и России

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Project Work Eating Habits in Britain and Russia They are:1. Krudu Taisiya2. Rusu DashaProject supervisor:Berezyuk Larisa BorisovnaThe participants of the project work are the pupils of the 5 B, school №13 1. To find out the differences and similarities of eating habits in Britain and Russia.2. To develop our language skills.3. To expand cross-cultural knowledge of the eating habits of Britain and Russia.4. To develop cultural person’s competence.The aim of the Project work: Breakfast in Britain is used to be a large meal with cereal, eggs and bacon, sausages, tomatoes. But such a large breakfast takes a long time to prepare and is not very healthy. Nowadays, Britain's most popular breakfast consists of porridge, toast with marmalade, juice and yogurt with a cup of tea or coffee. A usual breakfast in Russia could include an egg, sandwiches, corn flakes, , porridge or pancakes . They are served with sour cream butter, jam or caviar. Lunch in Britain is a light meal. Most people have no time to go back home for lunch so they eat at school, cafes or restaurants. Dinner in Russia consists of several courses. First course is a soup. Second course includes meat and garnish. A drink in Russia is called third course. It’s usually tea, coffee, juice or compote. Sometimes third course includes a dessert. The main meal in Britain is dinner, which is usually between 6 and 7 p.m. A typical evening meal is a meat dish with vegetables and dessert. The most important meal of the week is the Sunday dinner, which is usually eaten at 1 p.m. The traditional Sunday dish used to be roast beef, but nowadays pork, chicken or lamb are more common. В воскресенье вечером — ужин (называемый high tea). Знаменитый английский дневной чай 5 o’clock tea популярен в Британии. 5 o’clock Tea as a British tradition Supper in Russia usually starts near six or seven o’clock p.m. All family gathers together. Members of family discuss the latest events at the table and share their emotions with each other. Both countries have many common and different traits in eating habits. The knowledge of many facts about national food and eating habits widens our outlook and helps us to understand better each other.Conclusion

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