Урок по английскому языку на тему Мы гордимся своей страной (6 класс)

УО «Средняя школа №2 г. Могилева»
Конспект урока по английскому языку для 6 класса на тему
«Мы гордимся своей страной»
Автор: Черкашина Дарья Викторовна, учитель английского языка
Цель: развитие коммуникативной и познавательной компетенции учащихся.
Задачи: формирование навыков монологической и диалогической речи;
развитие памяти, мышления и внимания;
воспитание патриотизма и гордости за родную страну, формирование умения работать в парах и в группе.
Оборудование: Н. В. Юхнель, Е. Г. Наумова, УП English 6 Student’s book, изображения, аудиозаписи.
Формы работы учащихся: фронтальная, групповая, индивидуальная.
Ход урока
Организационно-мотивационный этап
Введение в атмосферу иноязычного общения
Good morning, children! I’m very glad to see you.
How are you doing today?
What is the date today?
Who is absent?
Введение в тему. Целеполагание
Создание мотивационной готовности к уроку
Look at the blackboard, please. Can you guess what the topic of our lesson is?
На доске изображения областных центров Беларуси:

What are your thoughts about it?
Right you are, these are the centers of Belarusian regions and today we will speak about the Republic of Belarus, our Motherland. We have already known some facts about Belarus, its symbols, nature and castles. Today we are going to revise this information and of course we will learn some new facts.
Let’s start!
Фонетическая зарядка
Тренировка слухопроизносительных и ритмоинтонационных навыков
Before speaking about our country let’s practice our pronunciation. Do you like tongue-twisters?
Do you remember the tongue-twister from our last week lessons?
(Listen! You mustn’t whistle in the castle!)
All right, today we will read new one! Open your books, page 85, ex.3.
Do you know what a “swan” is? It’s a big beautiful white bird which can swim. Can you guess?
You’re right. So, let’s listen to the speaker attentively.
Swan’s swimming over the sea – swim, Swan, swim!
Swan’s swum over the sea. Well swum, Swan!
Now listen to me one more time, please.
Listen the tongue-twister and repeat after me all together:
Swan’s swimming over the sea –
swim, Swan, swim!
Swan’s swum over the sea.
Well swum, Swan!
Very good! S1, read it yourself, please. S2, do you want to try? S3, can you translate these sentences? Do you know which tenses are used here?
Now let’s try to pronounce the tongue-twister as quickly as possible!
Well done, pupils!
Речевая зарядка
Совершенствование понимания и восприятия на слух речи друг друга и учителя
Let’s look at the pictures on the blackboard again. Do you know what cities are shown? What is depicted here?
Ученики объясняют, что изображено на фотографиях, и называют город.
Основной этап
Совершенствование навыка монологической и диалогической речи
Now we are ready to discuss our topic. Let’s check how you managed to remember the information about our fair land. Do the quiz on the page 84 in pairs. Discuss the answers in pairs.

Do you think now that our country is really beautiful with its forests, lakes, parks and birds and animals? We must remember that we should preserve our Motherland to save its beauty. Look through the ex.4 and make up as many sentences as possible. Then translate them.
Ученики составляют предложения по очереди.

Now divide into two groups. Prepare to speak about your sights. The bubbles in the ex. 5 will help you. Complete the sentences using the knowledge you have and be ready to share this information with your classmates. You have two minutes for preparation.

Let’s start. Every student will say one fact.
Good job!
Подведение итогов урока
So, children, answer my questions, please:
Is Belarus a big country?
How many regions does it have?
What can you say about its nature?
What Belarusian castles do you know?
What are the symbols of Belarus?
Are you proud of your country? Why?Домашнее задание
Write down your home task, please. Do ex. 1-3, p. 63 of your workbooks.
Выставление отметок
Thank you for the lesson, the lesson is over. Good bye!

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