Exploring space

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EXPLORING SPACE The universe is infinite… The Soviet people were the first to fly into outer space October 4, 1957 SPUTNIK April 12, 1961 VOSTOK Yuri GAGARIN Making space stations Yuri Gagarin’s parents Anna Timofeevna Alexei Ivanovich He took his school studies very seriously Konstantin Eduardovich TSIOLKOVSKY At the age of 23 Yuri became a pilot Orbiting the Earth Satellites The first group of Soviet cosmonauts April 12, 1961 VOSTOK Before the flight Yuri Gagarin was awarded the Gold Star of Hero Yuri GAGARIN visited nearly every country Among the children “Flying round the Earth in a spaceship, I saw how wonderful our planet was.People, let us preserve this beauty and not destroy it.” Yuri Gagarin

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