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Урок по английскому языку в 7 классе«Plants and animals »Подготовила учительФёдоровской ОСОШ №1 Алимова Ирина Игоревна AnimalsDomestic Wildclassification of animalsClasses of animalsbeast of pray herbivores AnimalsDomestic Wild Phonetic drill:What a rose can you sayA rose can say I love youAnd want you to be mine,a rose can say I thank you For being so very kind,A rose can say congratulations,Whatever the occasion may be,a rose can say I miss youAnd wish you were here with me,A rose can say I'm sorryIf I've hurt you in any way,a rose can say get well soon,May God bless you today? Who can find the most animals?wolfisharkangaroowleopardogWolf, fish, shark, kangaroo, owl, leopard, dog
Guess the crossword and write down these words in a notebook {5C22544A-7EE6-4342-B048-85BDC9FD1C3A} R S C O R P I O N D P J O Q H T U L I P R O E C S E I I D A I S Y G N O E T M K U Y F W K Y G W H I P P O P O T A M U S O P U L C A C T U S I R Z L N F E L E P H A N T L I Z A R D W O L F B W X O E G O R I L L A E E B N E S S Q U I R R E L Match the wordsHow many years do animals live? Rabbit 12 yearsDogs 5 yearsPigs 5 yearsSheep 15 yearsGoats 40yearsHorses 25 yearsCats 13 yearsCamels 15 years Finish the sayingAs hungry as ... As brave as ... As cunning as ... As heavy as ... As dirty as ... As tall as ... A busy as ... As funny as ... As slow as ...

Do you know the English proverbs? Find the Russian equivalents.If you run after two hares, you will catch neither.Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched.It is a good horse that never stumbles.All cats are grey in the night.To take the bull by the horns.Цыплят по осени считают.Хороша та лошадь, которая никогда не спотыкается.За двумя зайцами погонишься, н одного не поймаешь. d) Взять быка за рога.e) Ночью все кошки серы.

Game” Who is quicker?”It lives in India or Africa. It is a large animal. It has four legs and two big ears. It helps people to carry things. What is it? It lives on the farm. It flies badly. It eats corn. It lays eggs. It sings songs.What is it? It lives on the farm. It runs well. It eats grass. It gives milk.What is it?It is brown. It has got 4 legs. It sleeps in winter. What is it?It is a wild animal. It has four legs, a long tail and very sharp teeth. It is very dangerous. It can be red or white with black stripes.

It is a wild animal. It has four legs, a strong tail and very sharp teeth It is very dangerous. It lives in the lakes and rivers. It has kind eyes, four legs and a long neck. It eats leavesIt is very funny. It has four legs, a long tail. It can jump and climb the trees.. I'm a soft and funny pet. I have four legs and a long tail. I have sharp teeth and claws. I like to chase mice. I am a...

I have four legs and a long tail.I eat oats and hay.I love to run fast.I let people ride on my back.I am a...I have a little tail.My nose is called a snout.I live on a farm.I can say, "Oink-oink"I am a...I have four legs. I'm very smart and I like to play. I like to smell things. I can wag my tailI am a...

Read the text and complete the semantic map.    {5C22544A-7EE6-4342-B048-85BDC9FD1C3A}Its sizeIts heightHow does it grow?When does the first flowers appear?How old is the largest saquaro?How much does it weigh?Saquaro cactus Grammar test1. They … for us near the door.a) Are waiting b) Waits c) Is waiting d) Am waiting2. Harry … television every day.a) Is watching b) Watch c) Watches d) Are watching3. What … in the room now?a) They are doing b) Are they doing c) Do they do d) They do4. Ann … French at all.a) Isn’t speaking b) Not speaks c) Doesn’t speaking d) Doesn’t speak5. Mr. Scott … German to Ann at the moment.a) Speaks b) Is speaking c) Are speaking d) speaking6. I am busy now. I … to the radio.a) Am listening b) Listen c) Am listen d) Listening7.I am 1.9 cm ... than you are.a)tallest b)more taller c)tallier d)taller8.This chair is ... that the other one.a)much comfortable b)many more comfortable c)very comfortable d)more comfortable 9.Cindy is ... girl I have ever met.a)the smartest b)smatier c)the most smartest d)smarter10.Cars are getting ... as the years go by.a)the cheapest b)most cheaper c)cheaper d)much more cheaper11.Jim’s is ... restaurant in our city.a)the expensiviest b)the more expensive c)expensivest d)the most expensive12.This is the ... hangover I ever had. I’m never going to drink again.a)baddest b)worst c)best d)least13.For ... information do not hesitate to call our assistant.a)farther b)furthest c)fastest d)further14.It was ... joke I have ever heard!a)more funnier b)the funniest c)the most funniest d)funnier15.In my opinion the tiger is ... animal of all.a)more dangerous b)the dangeroustest c)very dangerous d)the most dangerous Answer: 1d 2a 3c 4c 5b 6c 7d 8d 9a 10c 11d 12b 13d 14b 15d Home task- Describe your favourite flower, animal or plant - Tell about animals of your region - Tell about animals problems Good luck!

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