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To many people the name of Walt Disney means the world of cartoon. He created a lot of short cartoons and many longer films. His name is very famous. He was born in Chicago on December 5, 1901. When he grew up, he began to draw pictures and create cartoons, and one day he had an idea to make a mouse the main character of the cartoons. In 1928 the audience saw Mickey Mouse on the screen and they both became famous stars. Then came other characters: Donald Duck, Pluto, and many, many more. The characters in Disney’s cartoons are clever, kind and friendly. All the films end happily.. They are easy and nice to watch. We always feel comfortable and enjoy them very much. One day an idea came to Disney. He wanted to create a special place, a special land for children and parents to have fun together. So he built Disneyland in California near Los Angeles. In December 1966 Walt Disneydied but he left us several hundreds of cartoons, that won 29 “Oscars”, and a wonderful world of fairy tales.

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