Традиционные празднества

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A Time to Celebrate.Традиционные празднества урок английского языка, 11класс, УMK Биболетовой М. З. Stampede -[stæm'pi:d]- ежегодный праздник с состязаниями ковбоев, выставкой сельскохозяйственных продуктов и танцамиbales of hay – тюки с сеном NEW WORDS: float - платформа на колёсах (на которой размещаются декорации, красочные фигуры во времяпраздников, карнавальных шествий) fearless - бесстрашный, смелый, храбрыйNEW WORDS: A Time to Celebrate(Традиционные празднества) 1 .....preparations for the event2 .....description of town/area where the event took place3 .....the clothes people wore, the food they ate, etc4 .....your feelings/general remarks about the experience5 .....description of the event itself6 .....how you got there, where you stayed7 .....what the event is, when/where/why it is held8 .....what you did after the event finishedWhich of the following do you think are main topics in the article?˅˅˅˅

• preparations• name, place, time, reason• feelings, general remarks• description of event itselfParagraph 1: name, place, time, reason Paragraph 2: preparations Paragraph 3: description of event itself Paragraph 4: feelings, general remarks
brightly-coloured, wooden, marching, wild, bales, firework, heaven, outdoor, film, talented{5940675A-B579-460E-94D1-54222C63F5DA}1west6floats2I was in7bands3fences8chefs4of hay9displays5set10showbrightly-colouredwoodenmarching wildbalesfireworkheavenoutdoorfilmtalented

Adjectives can be made by adding suffixes to nouns or verbs: -ful (beauty - beautiful), -ous (fame -famous), -al (tradition - traditional), -ing (interest - interesting), -ed (thrill - thrilled).• Adjectives ending in -ing describe what somebody or something is like. The fireworks were amazing.• Adjectives ending in -ed describe how somebody feels.We were amazed by the fireworks. 1 The children were very exciting/excited when the clowns came in and the show began.2 The audience enjoyed the performance because the ballet dancers were amazing/amazed.3 I found the art exhibits at the festival very interesting/ interested.4 My friend Jill was embarrassing/embarrassed when the performer asked her to come on stage.5 There were plenty of different things to do at the fair, so our children didn’t get boring/bored at all.

{5940675A-B579-460E-94D1-54222C63F5DA}We spent three 0) _________________days atFlower Festival. We were 1) ____________bythe flower displays, and the 2)_____________Rose Park was fantastic. There were lots of 3) _______________events for the whole family.There were 4)______________arts and crafts exhibits and 5) _______________activities for children, as well as 6)____________ rides andgames. We also enjoyed 7)________________local food and listened to 8)_______________folk music played by various, groups.0 DELIGHT1AMAZE2FAME3 WONDERFUL4 INTEREST5 EXCITE6 AMUSE7 TRADITION8 MARVELdelightfulamazedfamouswonderful interesting excitingamusingtraditionalmarvelous

1 We / be / very busy / and / have / lots / do / before / Pete’s surprise party / last week.2 We / send out / invitations / all our friends / and / make / big cake.3 We also / buy / drinks / snacks / and / we / decorate / house / colourful balloons / streamers.4 Finally, we / hire / magician / entertain / guests.We were very busy and had lots to do before Pete’s surprise party last week.We sent out invitations to all our friends and made a big cake.We also bought drinks and snacks, and we decorated the house with colourful balloons and streamers.Finally, we hired a magician to entertain our guests.

A The organising committee booked a fancy ballroom months before the prom. B The girls wore flowers on their wrists.C Parents took pictures of their children wearing elegant outfits.D Seniors hired limousines to drive them to the prom. E Everybody went shopping to find the perfect dress or tuxedo.F Students decorated the ballroom with colourful balloons and streamers.G Seniors had dinner and then danced the night away.Preparations: A, D, E, F Event itself: В, C, G
When we write a descriptive article about an event, a special occasion/celebration, etc we attended, we divide it into four paragraphs.• In the introduction we mention the name of the event and the time, place and reason it is held.• In the second paragraph we describe preparations which are made before the event.• In the third paragraph we describe what happened during the event itself.• In the conclusion we mention our feelings and make general remarks about the event.WRITING TIP: PlanIntroduction(Paragraph 1) пате/time/place of event, reason for celebratingMain Body(Paragraph 2) preparations before the event (Paragraph 3) the event itselfConclusion(Paragraph 4) feelings/general remarks Write an article about the event, describing what happened both before and during the event, and saying how you feel about the experience. (200-250 words). Use the writing tip, the plan to write your composition. Use the article as a model.HOMEWORK: Continue the sentences: 1.На уроке я работал…2.Своей работой на уроке я…3.Урок для меня показался…4.За урок я…5.Мое настроение…6.Материал урока мне был… Использованные материалы: I. Virginia Evans, Jenny Dooley. Reading &Writing Targets. Student’s book. - Swansea: Express Publishing, 1999.II. Virginia Evans, Jenny Dooley. Reading & Writing Targets. Teacher’s book. - Swansea: Express Publishing, 1999.Интернет ресурсы:1. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/f2/CalgaryStampedeGrounds2005.jpg - изображение фестиваля в Канаде2. http://www.hdwallpapersnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Calgary-Stampede-High-Definition-Wallpapers-1080p.jpg - изображение фестиваля в Канаде3. http://fr.academic.ru/pictures/frwiki/67/Calgary_Stampede_Logo.jpg - изображение фестиваля в Канаде4. http://calgary.interculturaldialog.com/wp-content/gallery/2012festival/calgary-turkish-festival-2012-44.jpg - изображение фестиваля в Канаде5. http://www.tgt.ru/ext_images/982/img_314187ce4a45ac430203245ddef5a311 - изображение фестиваля в Канаде6. http://afisharu.com/media/event/26/c8/26c82ab42a5deaef6e35bc3f300f7398.650x390.jpg - изображение фестиваля в Великобритании7. http://www.newsweek.pl/g/crop/680/460/newsweek/633923196828900000.jpg - изображение атрибутов Halloween8.http://m.travel2moscow.com/upload/35492/%D0%A1%D0%BF%D0%B0%D1%81%D1%81%D0%BA%D0%B0%D1%8F%20%D0%B1%D0%B0%D1%88%D0%BD%D1%8F.jpg - изображение фестиваля Спасская башня9. http://st0.iknow.travel.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/img/large/516488a2f5d8dffb1900000f.jpg - изображение фестиваля Красок

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