All Work and no Play

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Marine park Football match Opera Circus Rock concert Forms of entertainment amusement park bullfighting disco aqua park zoo ballet musical casino Slot machine theatre cinema Comedy show concert Positive and negative features of different forms of entertainment Positive exciting entertaining educational interesting civilized thrilling funny intellectual cultural relaxing elegant emotional cheap energetic enjoyable lively fascinating Negative childish boring addictive cruel barbaric violent dull loud tiring crowded noisy upsetting horrifying dangerous offensive harmful expensive uncivilized Expressing opinion I’d like/love to…I’m (not) keen on…I don’t fancy……is not my cup of tea.I (don’t/wouldn’t) enjoy……is right up my street. I like going to the theatre because I find it very civilized form of entertainment. I wouldn’t enjoy watching bullfighting because it is cruel and barbaric. Listening A I enjoy most types of theatre performances. B I find theatre tickets really expensive. C I don’t mind paying a lot to watch performances. D The theatre isn’t really my cup of tea. E I’m frequent theatre goer. Speaker Speaker Speaker Speaker Speaker 1 2 3 4 5 F I can’t see the kind of performances I like in my town.

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